Monday 13 May 2019

#TheLifesWayGoals @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 1 #HuaweiHealthSA

Hi Friends, 

When you start committing to something then the universe also makes it possible for you and with the plan in hand shared in my earlier post, the week 1 ended and I came across several risks and lessons learned to take care of and also some of the ideas to be implemented. 
#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km on 28th July 2019 - Week 1 #HuaweiHealthSA
Week 1 Performance
#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km on 28th July 2019 - Week 1 #HuaweiHealthSA
First 8km done using Huawei Health App

Let's talk about the first risk that came to my mind was the time needed during the training weeks for the next 12 weeks when it will be more than 10kms then I will need at least 2 hours to finish 10km and it will be not easy after office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But that can be taken care of starting as soon as after reaching home and eating dinner a little late.

Another risk will be attending launch events which generally happens on Thursday evenings and on those days when I get invited to some, I will have to change my schedule from Tuesday to Monday and Thursday to Wednesday or Friday but that won't happen so often but might happen in some weeks out of 12 weeks.

Lessons Learnt was that the shoes shall be worn at all times and you shall invest in nice ones made for walking. Currently, I am using New Balance Fresh foam 900 but don't think they will last till the race day as these are the ones I got long back when I came to South Africa from Newbalance event and its sides are cut on both the shoes. But I do have Puma shoes bought in London and another pair in South Africa which I will try too but they are not as comfortable as New Balance Fresh foam 900 is. 

Another lesson learned was that the playlist shall have all the funky songs that you like so as to give you power when the walking gets tough. Now I understood why there is a band playing during the marathons and other runs in South Africa. I am currently using Huawei P20 Pro smartphone and using the music player in the same to stream on my Body Glove Mini Earphones from Gammatek. They are really nice and lasts for around 2 hours 30 minutes but I have not reached that time limit at the moment may be in Week 3-4 onwards.

The best part about going on this program #Target25km is giving my will power a chance to get strong and also listening to my favorite songs or also watching or listening to Netflix TV series too. The best part about Netflix connection I have is that I can download some of the interesting series and can watch them while I am disconnected from wifi network or mobile data.

Another benefit is it gives me a lot of time to think about my future and introspect while I am walking about all the things happened in the past. I can definitely connect the dots and maybe it will bring something positive in me within the next 11 weeks left on this program. I am sharing my daily report on the Huawei Health Facebook Group too, Join if you are also using the Huawei Health App.
#TheLifesWayGoals - @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km on 28th July 2019 - Week 1 #HuaweiHealthSA
Overall Plan for reaching 25km
Guys, I need your help to complete this journey and need your inputs and advice too. Do comment on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter channels and contact me if you want to be a part of my journey! 

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