Sunday 5 May 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - Mighty Little Bheem - Season 1 @NetflixSA TV Series #Kids #Cartoon

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Mightly Little Bheem is an animated series created by Rajiv Chilaka and his Green Gold Animations which is one of the biggest in TV industry from Chhota Bheem series only. Chhota Bheem TV series started on Pogo TV long back and my daughter used to see it non-stop once she comes back from school till the time she sleeps. She even used to bargain that if you want me to eat food, put Chotta Bheem on TV first.

Chhota Bheem was started in 2008 and not only it changed the Pogo TV's future but Green Gold Animations became the biggest money spinner equivalent to the Indian Premier League. Now you can get merchandise, clothes, comics books, toys, 20 Green Gold Stores, movies and what not? which is worth millions and millions of Rupees for the brand. My daughter too had clothes and toys like Jaggu Bandar from this TV series. 

Mighty Little Bheem is specifically designed for Netflix customers and their kids, as it's unique 6-7 minutes episodes and Season 1, has 21 episodes. My daughter who is now nearing 10 years loved watching the same and my son who is just 15 months old was totally glued to the TV screen. Little Bheem and his actions really make space in the hearts of children and adults of all ages alike superfast.
#TheLifesWayReviews - Mighty Little Bheem - Season 1 @NetflixSA TV Series #Kids #Cartoon
I really loved the TV series as I can switch it ON and both of them will stop fighting or crying and their attention will be diverted to Mighty Little Bheem. Little Bheem a toddler in this TV series is joyful, playful and full of fun and laughter. He does certain things out of curiosity at this small age which sometimes puts him in harm's way but nonetheless, he comes out safe and kids love this kind of actions. I hope my kids don't put themselves in harm's way ever as they don't have the power to come out like Bheem and take it only as a time pass show to get entertained.

My family is waiting for the second season now as Mighty Little Bheem grows up a little bit and his actions will win the hearts of millions of viewers. I hope to see some merchandise available now with Netflix too and my little one can wear some one day!

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