Wednesday 17 October 2018

#SayYesToTheWorld by Venturing #TheBlindList Areas Within Your City @Lufthansa_India

Hi Friends, 

As the world is growing in population the far stretched areas earlier are more closer than it seems. Now we all have families living around the globe and we all want to celebrate the festive season with all of them. The technology advancement and air travel has brought all of us together to talk and meet at any time of the year. I too have a long list of travel destinations which I want and wish to go. These destinations will remain there and will become more beautiful as more and more tourists gets attracted towards them. But with increased population, some of the hot destinations like Paris, London, New Delhi, Tokyo and New York are already crowded with tourists around the year. This leaves with us with plenty of thoughts to find alternate destinations which are still not on people's radar. Travelers and Instagrammers around the world keep looking for these small towns and places to enjoy the untouched beauty of those destinations and have a relaxed time there. 
#SayYesToTheWorld by Venturing #TheBlindList Areas Within Your City @Lufthansa_India
I too want to go to destinations like these but to reach that country, I do need to fly with Lufthansa at their value for money travel packages. But my ideal trip is not to the country outside my home. I have been raised in a protected environment where I was told not to go to certain places as it's not safe there. Parents and family members have their own preconceived notions which are not always wrong but we need to break away from them and make our own now. You must be having such dilemmas and mentality for some of the places in your respective cities and vicinity.
In this age of technology, it's very easy to make a collaborative approach to travel and see those areas which you have never visited in your own city. I too have a long list of places where I have never set my foot even it's just 5 kms from my home. I want to go checkout those places and technology allows me to be there. For example, I can have an Instagram meet and can ask my fellow members to come on a lazy Sunday morning for a stroll down those areas together. We can have some people belonging to that area which can guide us and show us the important junctions of those areas. 
Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and I can say every city do have some areas like those where you must have not visited. Though the Instagrammers are trying to do it but we need to support them in the same by going in large numbers and making that area trend on social media channels. That's my idea of a Blind Date and venturing into the unknown and I am continuously trying my best to see those kind of place around the globe. I have lived in various cities in UK, South Africa, Singapore and India and have always seen the unseen. Earlier I didn't have camera to showcase what my eyes are seeing but a lot has been shared on Instagram after it's invention. For me, unless you say Yes to the World you will stay in your own comfort zone and will miss out on so many opportunities trying you make you a better person. 

There are many other ways to achieve the same as there are many social media platforms to do so, like Facebook live, Snapchat and many such apps. Even there can be a day where all the people can come together to showcase their respective City's Blind Zones and share them all on a single platform. I am looking forward to such times where all world becomes one and there is no racial discrimination on the account of city and country. Till that time...Cheers!!!

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