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Sunday, 14 October 2018

The TV That Goes Where You Go @SamsungSA #QLEDtv

Hi Friends, 
TV has seamlessly joined the free-range trend, courtesy of Samsung. Now, it’s more than just what you’re watching. It’s about where you want to watch it. While the location of the TV was always a carefully considered decision, it doesn’t have to be any more. The lounge may have just lost its tight grip on the device that its entire décor was based around.

Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV has already changed the television landscape completely. The new, award-winning device offers an unprecedented viewing experience that delivers complete immersion. And one of its less discussed features could become of your most used. The TV comes with an innovative optical cable, which connects all devices without any messy tangled wires and the really incredible part is that it includes your power cable. The additional benefit is clear – you can get up to 20m* of slim, sleek, almost invisible cabling. Essentially, the TV goes where you go.

Reginald Nxumalo, Director: Consumer Electronics, Samsung South Africa, “The invisible cabling ensures your TV connections aren’t intrusive on your interior style. In addition, the integrated power and data supply in one cable is revolutionary. The extra length lets you have a lot of fun with putting the TV in places that are unique to your particular lifestyle.”
The TV That Goes Where You Go @SamsungSA #QLEDtv
What goes better with a braai than the big game? As its unlikely you’ll be braaiing near your lounge, why not move the stadium to your entertainment area? Watching the meat sizzle and the match heat up is now one seamless event.

A kiddie party and clean couches is hardly a match made in heaven. If the little ones need their fix of that show they’ve already watched 50 times over, why not take the TV to an area of the house that can handle the noise, mess and tantrums.

Spring has arrived, but so has your hay fever. Or maybe there is another reason you want to just kick back and relax in the comfort of your bedroom. No problem. If your room is within the amazing 20 m radius you’ve got a home theatre experience from the comfort of your favourite pillow.

TV isn’t just a TV anymore. It’s a hub for entertainment, gaming and event conferencing. The ground-breaking invisible cable adds a whole new dimension to the reason you’ve switched it on. So, how will you use your ‘free-range’ TV?

“Innovation at Samsung is focused on how technology can improve and make lives easier, creating comfort and beauty,” concludes Nxumalo.

*The QLED includes 5m of cabling. There is the option to purchase an additional 15m to extend the reach to 20m.
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