Saturday 27 October 2018

@SamsungSA Solves The Creative Challenge @SamsungMobileSA #SamsungFL!P

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Sharing ideas, improving collaboration and enhancing understanding has never been easier. The reason – you can now ditch the traditional way of presenting paper-based ideas and FL!P through to a wholly innovative digital solution. The Samsung FL!P is a brilliant, pixel-rich ultra-high definition, LCD touchscreen, with a super responsive stylus for writing and drawing, making it feel like you’re using a marker on a board.

Anyone who has been part of a presentation to a client where creative ideas are shared understands the frustration of back and forth instructions or reverts as a new brief begins to unfold. It’s often an exasperating and challenging experience. In marketing and advertising, the creative process isn’t merely putting down a couple of images and some words – it takes a lot of effort, thought and research into aspects such as the psychology of colour, target market needs and desires, as well as messaging that’s consistent with the brand as well as the consumer. When it comes to presenting a mood board for interior design, for example, mixing and matching ideas can also be difficult when the client wants one thing swapped out for something that might not actually fit within the presented scheme.
@SamsungSA Solves The Creative Challenge @SamsungMobileSA #SamsungFL!P
To the rescue is the Samsung FL!P, an award-winning interactive display that enables effective collaboration and streamlines productivity. You can take notes, present and distribute ideas in either landscape or portrait orientation to help your team work faster, smarter and better together. Another innovative FL!P feature is that you can easily connect and collaborate with mobile devices to mirror and respond to content. A lot of sophisticated engineering and design went into FL!P and it shows.

Reginald Nxumalo, Director: Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa, says, “We’ve definitely turned the traditional flip chart on its head – the FL!P is an interactive digital board that allows incredibly easy collaboration. For instance, FL!P Notation gives users the smooth fast, familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colours, styles, and widths available. Up to four people can write simultaneously, using a finger or just about any blunt-ended object as a writing tool. And because the FL!P is mobile, it can be moved to any room effortlessly.”

Many people don’t really know what they want until they are faced with an idea that inspires them. Very often, what’s placed before them tells them more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Creative briefs are frequently ‘sketchy’ with just a few pointers like, ‘make it bold and inviting’, or ‘we want to tap into the power generation’, with little real direction. The bottom line is that the picture in a client’s mind is rarely well expressed in the brief and a lot of guesswork is involved during the creative process. This doesn’t mean its random, though and after much thought and development of a concept, the creative team needs to get down to selling the idea – to convince the client that what has been produced is exactly what will work.
@SamsungSA Solves The Creative Challenge @SamsungMobileSA #SamsungFL!P
Imagine being able to thrash out a brief and changes in real time. With a display that’s as crisp and vivid as you’d expect from Samsung, the FL!P will showcase an idea on screen and using anything from a finger to a stylus, images can be highlighted, moved, isolated and notes made. This makes the entire process far more unified and much easier to capture than various scribbled notes on pieces of paper or notebooks. Through the FL!P’s connectivity, FL!P Capture lets you and your team share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at the optimal visual quality.

Going back to an interior design scenario, being able to isolate and move a couch from one mood board to another is easily done – so the effect of a client’s musings can be instantly seen and explored. The display is completely interactive. Once the conceptualising, discussions, changes and new ideas have been uncovered and conveyed, all the notes can be easily captured and shared with everyone involved. No misinterpretation or murky instructions will survive the process. This not only speeds up the final design, but also ensures everyone is on the same page, creating a better all-round relationship and understanding.

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is simple. Just FL!P it.
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