Saturday 13 October 2018

A Day In The Life Of A TV @SamsungSA #QLEDtv

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It’s a good thing TV’s can’t experience self-esteem issues. They are stared at intently by multiple eyes, day in, day out. Despite the exponential growth of the internet worldwide, South Africans are still avid TV viewers. The fact that you can connect to the web through it anyway, has kept the love affair alive and well. A TV is undeniably a cherished part of most people’s daily lives.

Reginald Nxumalo, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa, said: “Although streaming has changed the way people consume their television content, it hasn’t changed the fact that it’s one of the best ways to wind down, be entertained and spend time together as a family. Of course, we know a thing or two about watching television and our ranges, including QLED and The Frame, are geared towards ensuring an exceptionally immersive and quality experience.”

Sometimes, even before the sun has woken up, the TV is turned on. If it’s a weekend, it’s likely the little ones have crept out of bed and into the TV room, to watch a programme they’ve already watched 20 times before. Later on, an unsuspecting adult will join them to watch it yet again. During the week, it’s generally – a parent hastily flicking the power on to check what the world and weather has in store for them. A typical scenario – at 6am, a parent gets up to start making breakfast and school lunches. In the kitchen, there’s a smaller TV, which is turned on and tuned into one of the early morning breakfast shows so they can catch up on interesting news and titbits for the day, or even a cooking show for inspiration for the evening meal. Another parent quickly switches on the bedroom TV to get a quick update of news, weather, finance or sports while getting ready for a day at work. Once the children start to gather in the kitchen or dining room for a rushed breakfast, depending on their ages, the TV will be re-tuned to kids programming or the latest music show. All that happens before everyone leaves for school and work in the morning.
A Day In The Life Of A TV @SamsungSA #QLEDtv
“Samsung TVs are built to last and viewing habits are taken into account during the development phase of every model we produce. It’s not only how users watch that we look at, it’s also about their lifestyles and what type of spaces they want to create in their homes,” adds Nxumalo.

If there’s a grandparent staying at home, then the TV probably won’t be switched off. Rather the channels will be on constant flip, until something suitably distracting and entertaining can be found. The next shift is almost always taken up by kids returning from school.

“For families who want to spend dinner time together without the TV on, the QLED range is a great option as it blends seamlessly into the background mimicking the wall behind it. A QLED TV also comes with an innovative optical cable, which connects all devices without any messy tangled wires and includes the power cable. The additional benefit is clear – you get 5m of slim, sleek, almost invisible cabling*. This gives a family the option of a TV that can move around the home effortlessly,” concludes Nxumalo.

Once dinner is over, watching a programme together as a family is a great space to encourage cuddles and bonding. It’s a sense of shared experience that can form part of later conversations. When children are in bed and the day is over, the TV often remains on for catching up on series or the day’s news.

TV’s are like campfires. They bring people together to hear stories that enthral for hours. And the memories live on, long after it’s switched off.

* The TV includes a 5m cable. However, an additional 15m cable can be purchased to increase mobility even further.
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