Saturday 13 October 2018

Why Air Conditioners Are A Dream Investment @SamsungSA #AirConditioners

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With the warm African sun smiling down on us, summer in South Africa is glorious. It’s that wonderful time that sends us rushing happily to beaches, pools and sunny picnic spots. The heat at night, however, can be decidedly uncomfortable, unless you have a good air conditioner. But is the aircon good for you?

Choose The Right Temperature
Air conditioners serve a greater purpose than helping you beat a stuffy, summer’s night. It’s all about body temperature regulation. The magic temperature range for a good sleep is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. While 15 degrees may feel too cold for some and 20 degrees too hot for others, once you find your sweet spot you’ll be in dreamland in no time. The science behind it is simple. This temperature range assists the body to reach the cooler temperatures that induce deep sleep. Therefore, an aircon is a good example of human-friendly technology.

“Technology is here to make life better. And a good night’s sleep has many essential benefits that impact your whole day. At Samsung, we conduct exhaustive research to produce pioneering technologies aimed at encouraging healthy sleeping patterns,” says Robert Larkan, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa.
Why Air Conditioners Are A Dream Investment @SamsungSA #AirConditioners
Make Sleep A Priority
Constantly waking up in middle of the night to adjust a duvet or turn over to the ‘cooler’ side of the pillow is frustrating. And after just a few nights of tossing turning in bed we begin to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation. We often don’t notice the impact on our mental abilities and ultimately put our health at risk. Poor sleep is also linked to weight gain and weakened immune systems. If you don’t snooze, you lose.

Go With The Flow

It is also important that you factor in the quality of your air conditioning. Your aircon must be properly maintained and operate with clean filters to ensure a healthy sleeping environment. Another factor is the consistency of the airflow. An aircon that constantly blasts cool air at you can have negative consequences. Samsung’s Wind-Free™ technology is an example of good airflow control. After you’ve selected the desired temperature with Fast Cooling mode, it maintains the ideal temperature without any direct wind by gently dispersing cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect. This also negates the stuffiness people feel in artificially regulated temperatures.
Why Air Conditioners Are A Dream Investment @SamsungSA #AirConditioners
Sleep Yourself Younger
There are many benefits to sleeping in cool temperatures. *Temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees encourage your body to release melatonin, a hormone that challenges the symptoms of ageing by holding wrinkles and age spots at bay. When you keep cool, you release more of this remarkable hormone. Your more youthful self also benefits from the peaceful sleep with a sharper attention span the following day.

Clearly, looking and feeling healthier is affected by the quality your sleep. And if an air conditioner can help you get a good night’s rest, then it’s a dream investment.
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