Saturday 23 June 2018

@SamsungSA #QLEDTV Is Totally Dedicated to #Entertainment

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While innovative technology means that a television may be placed just about anywhere in a home – either turning into a gallery-like piece of art when it’s not being watched or as an integral part of the décor, there is something appealing about a room that is specific to the pieces on the wall and sound of movies or series. Just about any form of entertainment is available online, which means creating a theatre-like experience doesn’t require a whole re-design of a place.

Ahead of planning any interior space, it’s important to first understand what it is primarily to be used for, as well as how many people it will usually need to seat. In a dedicated TV room, the use is already decided; it’s the number of people who will normally be viewed at any given time that then becomes an important factor. Assuming it’s usually a family of six, then, of course, there needs to be adequate seating for each family member. If the family seldom watches together, the layout could be arranged to accommodate just one or two people watching together. If there isn’t really a spare spot in your home, double up with a guest room – all you’ll need to do is use a sleeper couch as the main reclining option.

Lyle Mitchley, Head Product Manager for TV at Samsung South Africa, says, “We’ve come a long way in terms of television design and innovation and while many people want to display their Samsung TV’s, especially the exquisite Frame, a devoted TV room is becoming trendy, giving people the opportunity to design an area that encourages a truly theater-like experience.”

In advance of deciding on the seating for the TV room, consider the way you like to enjoy it. Given you’re more likely to spend your time on a romantic movie late at night, you may prefer to go for a low-slung couch with dreamily soft cushions. If you’re an edge-of-your-seat sports fan, a higher, more solid type seating option could be a better choice.
@SamsungSA #QLEDTV Is Totally Dedicated to #Entertainment
Symmetry and asymmetry are both integral to the interior design. Finding a focal point is usually the first aspect of planning. When it comes to a TV room, the obvious centerpiece will be the television. The size of the TV will assist in determining what is placed next to it, as well as how furniture fits in front of it. However, the television is positioned, on a TV unit or flush-mounted to the wall; placing either shelves or pieces of décor on either side of it assists in making the room feel cosier, which is the goal of an entertainment room. Asymmetry in design relates to spaces where the focal point isn’t in the middle of a wall, but rather off-centre. The rule of three is helpful in this instance – this means placing two additional items that balance the off-centre focal point, to create a holistic visual. An example of this could be if the TV is to the right of the centre of the wall, two plants, one that’s slightly taller than the top of the TV and one that’s slightly lower, will balance it out. This may well be a set of shelves and a small table that create a vertical balance to the horizontal top of the TV.

Before the advent of sound bars, the television focus could easily be balanced with the large speakers to create a surround-sound experience. But, that’s no longer the case and rather than having electronic décor, softer and more aesthetically pleasing items can be put in place.

“Adding a sound bar to your TV sound is what makes all the difference. For example, the Samsung 500 W 5.1.4 ch has 15 built-in speakers, including four upward-facing drivers and rear wireless speakers that deliver crystal clear sound. Dolby Atmos transports you into what you are watching with moving audio that flows all around you, even from above,” adds Mitchley.

When it comes to audio, the acoustics of a room also become important. This doesn’t mean having to create a sound-proofed interior, though. Instead, simply ensure that interior elements are soft – vibration bounces off hard surfaces, so if there isn’t carpeting in the TV room, include a rug that’ll help absorb the sound waves.

Whatever your viewing habits are, having a space in your home dedicated to entertainment is a wonderful luxury that hugely enhances your enjoyment.

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