Monday 25 June 2018

Key Considerations When Buying Your Next #PowerBank @ADATAtechnology #TravelIdeas

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Power banks are very handy, particularly when you’re an avid traveler, but what are some of the key considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing one? ADATA country manager for South Africa, Tony Yu, advises that if you’re in the market for a new power bank to use while traveling by air, you must ensure that the safety aspects of your device are up to scratch.

“According to IATA rules, you are not allowed to travel with a power bank in your cargo luggage and are only permitted to travel with it in your carry-on luggage,” he says. “Even then, there are restrictions on the number of power banks you can carry as well as their power rating.”
Key Considerations When Buying Your Next #PowerBank @ADATAtechnology
The IATA rules state that power banks that contain lithium ion batteries must have a power rating of less than 100 Wh to be carried onto an aircraft. Should that power rating be exceeded, special permission must be obtained from the airline operator to carry it on board and even then, it may not exceed 160 Wh.

Yu says that other key considerations should include a thorough review of the brand and built-in safety specifications. “The first question you should ask yourself is whether the power bank you are considering purchasing has circuit protection,” he says. “Multiple circuit protection will protect the power bank from overcharging or discharging, making it much safer to use. ADATAs power banks have additional protection measures in place to prevent overcurrent, -heating, -Voltage and short-circuiting as well.”
Key Considerations When Buying Your Next #PowerBank @ADATAtechnology
“You must also ensure that you purchase a power bank from a reputable brand, that designs and tests their products to ensure they comply with international safety standards. The circuit design is also crucial, and it is even better when fire-resistant casings are used,” says Yu.

“Depending on the type of activities you engage in, you might also want to consider whether the power bank is dust and waterproof and is resistant to shocks and drops. This is particularly important for people with an active, outdoors lifestyle that require a sturdier power bank to charge their devices while on the move,” he says.
I hope you will make the right decision and check out the Wh values before buying your next Power Bank to keep your little devices charged all the time. 
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