Monday 18 June 2018

1 Day To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #AllTheBest

Hi Friends, 

It time to celebrate the fifth birthday post for The Life's Way and series to end. It was a great topic to write all the posts as now I can just link them all and launch a book out of the same. There might be some editing required but it will form a good book to read to start the blog and to carry on working for your blog.

Your mind is something that plays with you all the time and either you control the same or you let it go on its own route. Blogging is where I find peace and release my emotions towards a lot of things. It won't take away the need of a friend but it will always stay close as much as your feelings are to you. Expectations are huge for my blog by myself and it sometimes gives me a lot of pain as I am unable to achieve them. Either I live without any expectations or just make small ones after they get completed.

1 Day To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017

To live your life joyfully, you need to take control in your hands as you can't be at the mercy of anyone else. Your happiness is in your hands only and no one else can make you happy. They may make you smile but not happy. To me, my happiness comes from completing my pending tasks on my blog and to get it done with. I keep thinking of new ideas and posts topics to go for. Many are lost at idea phase only and only some become a reality. Time is of utmost importance in our lives and we only have a set number of hours to achieve what we set our eyes on. Hence, I try to balance my life between the real life and the blog life.

Thanks to each and everyone who has invested their time and money in myself or my blog. Thanks to all the PR companies for including me in your press releases else I wouldn't have done 1500 posts so far. Thanks to all the brands for spending their money on the launch events and blessing us with goodies bag and a great evening of networking. Thanks to all the fellow bloggers to always inspire me to carry on and working towards achieving what they have been able to do so in their lives. Thanks to all the paying collaborations which are not much in the last 5 years but looking forward to having it multiplied 1000 times in the next 5 years. Thanks to technology innovations and new smartphones which are made to desire a sense of expectations in you and make you work towards achieving them. I am looking forward to a lovely time on my blog in the next years to come!!!

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