Tuesday 19 June 2018

5 Years of www.TheLifesWay.com #TheLifesWay #Birthday #Blogpost #5YearsofTheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

The year 2017 brought me closer to my dreams and I could do what I always wished to do for my blog www.thelifesway.com and that is getting some paid assignments. With the help of Webfluential, I could work on 4 paid assignments during the year and received my first cash in my bank accounts with which I bought a Canon 50mm Lens for my new Canon 100D. Till now I was doing everything for free or for some goodies or samples received from brands and PR companies.

The year 2017 is the 5th year of #TheLifesWay brought 565147 page views in 12 months from 357 blog posts and my Instagram channel too picked up its fast pace. This year the biggest event which fetched me the maximum gifts was rAge Expo from where I won the Maxnomic ESL Gaming Chair along with several other goodies from 1 TB hard disk from ADATA Technology to various Tshirts from promotors and bloggers. Silverstar Casino continues to be my top admirer to call me to all their events happening in their complex. Many thanks to them all the time.

This year was mostly good because of a lot of lucky draws and coupons received from Montecasino, Wellington's Tomato Sauce, Edger's, Acer, Woolworths, and Cubot. For the first time after 4 years, attending Canon Roadshows has become an integral part of me and this year, my daughter won the Canon Selphy Printer as a lucky draw prize. I felt great to receive the same and she was overjoyed too. Cubot made me a winner on the Instagram contest for their Fitness Band which I gifted to my dad. Check out all the images on my Instagram and Twitter channels.

For the first time ever in my relationship with Sony Mobiles, this year they gave their awesome Bass headphones to all the invitees at the Smartphone launch event in Mall of Africa. I have never received anything like that in a long time as all the brands are going on cost-cutting or calling certain people for some unique experiences around the globe or within South Africa and showered them with their smartphones and other goodies. Earphones continued to flow into my life with Astrum giving their ones in the goodies bag at rAge Expo and TechSmart's Robin gifting me Sony Xperia EAR on my birthday which is a really awesome device.

5 Years of www.TheLifesWay.com #TheLifesWay #Birthday #Blogpost #5YearsofTheLifesWay
This year also marked my 10 years at the job with my employer after completing MBA in Finance and to celebrate the same, I went to Sangiro Lodge in Bloemfontein on their invite to stay for 3 nights. This trip gave me a chance to see Kimberley, Northern Cape which my daughter always wanted to visit. I was also part of All Seasons Boutique Hotel launch in Pretoria and stayed for a night too. Finally, on 31 December I also could reach the bottom floor in the video game called Pink Panther for the first time ever @ Montecasino to win my daughter 150 tickets to get the goodies of her choice.

Ster Kinekor invited me to many of their new movies and I saw a lot of the cartoon movies along with some Hollywood and Bollywood movies too. I bought some Acer goodies too from their online store when they launched the same this year including a 21 inch Acer monitor to better work on my blog and movies/photos at the same time. I also started using Canon 100D DSLR camera which I bought in a deal from the DionWired online shop during some weekend sale.

In the end Year, 2017 was a lot of luck and I felt great to be a part of this winning year. Looking forward to achieving in 2018 what I could not still achieve in 2017 in terms of sponsorships for Laptop and Smartphone. I contacted a lot of them with a lot of rejections from many but then life goes on and coming much stronger in 2018 to persevere and win! In 2018, the target will be to collect a lot of money so that I can buy the likes of Gaming Laptops or Apple MacBook Pro and Bose QC35 Bluetooth headphones, PS4 Pro, and a Full Frame DSLR camera. Thanking You Universe!

Contact me at editor@thelifesway.com to collaborate on paid/sponsored campaigns. #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra!