Friday 15 June 2018

Badplaas @ForeverResortSA Boasts With New Hydro and Spa @ForeverBadplaas #ForeverResort

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Badplaas, a well-known treasure within the Forever Resorts South Africa portfolio has recently spent millions on the upgrade of their Hydro and Spa facility. This upgrade has been on the books for the past two years and upgrades begun in October 2017 with the official construction commencing in January 2018. On the 26th of March the Coffee Shop which also underwent a total renovation along with the Hydro re-opened. The Spa re-opened two days later, on the 31st of March 2018.

The official exclusive launch of the Hydro and Spa took place on 7 June 2018 and was attended by elite guests and VIPs including Honourable MEC Eric Kholwane and Executive Mayor Councillor Nkosi of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality.

Sandra Rath from the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP) and from SDV Pharmaceuticals who attended the exquisite launch of the Badplaas Hydro and Spa said that the Spa industry in South Africa is still showing growth regardless of the Economic climate. “Being in the industry for the past 30 years, I can only say that the standard of this Spa exceeds expectations in all aspects. From the ambiance to style, staff to treatments, this Spa is a must experience”, Rath added.
Honourable MEC Eric Kholwane Executive Mayor Councillor Nkosi of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality Mr. Kobus Tait MD of Forever Resorts South Africa and Chief Dlamini at the Ribbon Cutting.
Honourable MEC Eric Kholwane Executive Mayor Councillor Nkosi of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality Mr. Kobus Tait MD of Forever Resorts South Africa and Chief Dlamini at the Ribbon Cutting
The new buzz word, “Hydro”
Hydro’s are often confused with Jet Baths and Jacuzzis. The reason for this is two common elements, water, and pulsing jets. A Hydro is, however, a treatment rather than an experience, an underwater massage which stimulates your body’s blood circulation. Over and above that, the water is warm therefore it opens pores cleaning your skin leaving you feeling refreshed. The Hydro assists with the treatment of stiff, sore muscles and joints by focusing on typical problem areas such as your neck, back, legs and limbs. It is for this reason that Hydro treatments are often recommended with products and treatments maximizing the benefits.

What makes the Badplaas Hydro and Spa unique?

There are only a few resorts in South Africa that can boast with natural warm water springs – Badplaas is one of those select few. The spring water is filled with a variety of 32 natural minerals. This water is then pumped into the Hydro pools, from the Hydro pools the water is pumped into the heated pool outside, from where the water is distributed to the other pools on the property cooling down as it travels from one pool to the other. The spring water is also used in the spa for various water-based treatments offered at Badplaas.

The Spa has Specialist Therapists who take care of the needs of customers individually in tranquil and beautiful surroundings. The relaxation area consists of a 12 seat sauna and the relaxation pool with spring water. The Spa offers a range of Facial and Specialised Facial Treatments, Brow and Lash Treatments, Massage Therapy, Specialised Body Treatments, Hand and Foot Therapy, Nail Treatments, Waxing and even kiddies treatments including Facials, Massages, Manicures, and Pedicures.

The origin of the springs
Hot springs in South Africa originates from seepage-water that joins a subterranean water system, the more the water sinks the warmer the mineral water gets. If the mineral water moves fast enough it can still be hot when it moves back to the earth’s surface.

Mineral water contains a large number of trace elements such as sodium, chloride, and fluoride; however, the mineral water’s chemical compound will differ from one source to the next. The spring water mainly consists of surface water (rain and snow) seeping through layers of rock which contain the minerals, as the water moves between these rocks its trace elements are dissolved by the water before it moves back to the surface of the earth.

The spring water at Badplaas rises from approximately 4300 meters below the earth’s surface. The spring itself has a capacity of 34 000 liters of mineral water per hour and a water temperature of 53˚C. A rift valley from Badplaas to the Swaziland Spa in Mbabane has formed in the earth’s crust causing hot bubbles at various places in this valley’s trail.
I have enjoyed the hottest warm bath at 43˚C and totally fallen in love with the same due to its medical benefits as well as the relaxation it offers at a little price. Check out more pictures of the resort and this Hydro Spa on my
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