Sunday 18 March 2018

15 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Nikon

Hi  Friends, 

I am acting on my resolutions and finishing all the pending tasks and assignments or product reviews so that backlog is totally clear and I can focus on the opportunities ahead. I see that backlog causes a lot of discomforts as you are not able to feel good about yourself. I have always assumed that I will do them later but it's now or never. The context of those posts will be old and no one will want to read them but it's my blog and if I am feeling uneasy, it will affect my next posts so better clear them off. I am getting good ideas for the new posts and will start implementing the same from the month of April as I want to finish all my pending self-written articles in March. 

Now, these articles about the countdown are old too but I could not finish them any sooner so let's check out the story I have to tell here. The Life's Way has been my with me even before I really got together and bought the domain. All my life I have been a curious photographer and took thousands and thousands of photos using all kinds of cameras. Panasonic FZ5 used to be my go-to camera when I was in living in London. It helped me click on all my India trips and in Johannesburg too during my initial days here. 

15 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Nikon
An Elephant Charging at me while I am unaware of at the Paul Kruger Gate with my shoulder Nikon Bag
Then my dream of owning a DSLR came to reality in 2014 when I ordered Nikon's D7000 from Flipkart India. It felt so great as I opened the box of the same and the photo quality on D7000 is awesome. I ordered the one with Nikon's Lens 18-105mm which covered me well. Sooner I felt the need to go telephoto so I bought Sigma 70-300mm from Incredible Connection at Sandton City using the Gift Voucher my friends gave me at my birthday party for some of the amounts. Sigma Lens is also great and I have been able to take amazing pictures using the same. Again, I felt the need of owning a Nikon Flash and bought the best one available in the market named SB-910 with Panasonic batteries which also cost a fortune. All the money to buy Nikon Flash came from paid posts of Indiblogger India via Flipkart India gift vouchers. Again, last year I wanted to go for a prime lens and finally decided to go with Nikon 35mm which again I bought from Amazon India and used it extensively during my cousin's wedding. I have bought some filters from several brands to go on lenses as I took a lot of photos on children birthdays and kids can touch the lens anytime so I bought them at the Photo and Film Expo in Johannesburg. That's my story of Nikon DSLR but let's talk about the 2 launch events I attended with Nikon in India and Johannesburg. 

During my first Nikon India launch event in New Delhi, they gifted everyone with a DSLR camera strap, 4GB Lexar Card and a Tshirt. SD card came to help immediately and Tshirt I am still wearing but the DSLR strap I am still keeping in my bags as the one that came with the camera is still going on. Maybe in future, I can go and replace it with the gifted one. The second trip was a Nikon Walk in Johannesburg CBD where they gave us Nikon Silicon Water bottles and Nikon Caps and those two items I have gifted/used and forgotten about totally since now. I have not been using any caps since last 2 years as earlier in winters I always used to wear them day-in-day-out, that's a habit of staying in London where the weather is really windy and cold. Checkout the photographs I took using my Nikon equipment on my Instagram page or my photo blog PhotoYatra.

Now the next items I would love to buy from Nikon will be a full-frame camera along with 60mm lens and 10-24mm lens and 150-600mm lens to go wildlife and portrait photography. But as this will need at least R100k to setup, I need to win a lottery or fortune at one of the Johannesburg casinos. There are still some small items I can buy like Nikon Remote and a second battery for Nikon D7000 and a Nikon camera backpack as I got the shoulder bag with my camera which has met its life now. Let's see how much I will be able to achieve in 2018 then will sort out the Nikon's stuff as it's like a big pandora box where you need to keep investing if you are in love with Photography.

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