Thursday 8 March 2018

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

February is the month of love and product launches as there are so many new smartphones launched at MWC and various new technological gadgets. Every new gadget is a product of numerous amount of hard work along with the intent of making it as smart as possible. Processing powers of devices are increasing day by day. What I studied in my Electronics engineering (1997-2001) 17 years ago is old now as new technologies and innovations have taken their space. You need to be on your toes always with the latest technologies if you want to understand and work on them too.

1. Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra Brings Superior #Camera Quality #SonyMWC @SonyXperiaZA - - Sony is one of the companies I have always admired as their range of products is so big and I have so many products available with myself which I have bought over the years. From ebook reader to noise-cancellation headphones to iPod dock - I had it all. I recently reviewed the XA1 Ultra and liked the features of this mid-range smartphone. 

2. Music Streaming: The Now of Digital Marketing @EclipsePR - - Music is an integral part of everyone's life and how this is impacting the world of digital marketing was the focus of this post. Music and Books are the most sold items other than the groceries which is required us to live. 

3. #UberEATS Prospers In South Africa @Uber_RSA - - Uber Eats is an app which has taken the world by storm but when I tried to use it for some food items to buy - I found that the price is little higher set by restaurants for the same item as compared to dine-in offered in the restaurant and then there will be some R10 to get it delivered. I always thought that the takeaways shall be cheaper than the dine-in's. I have not been able to part of this trend because it's not cost effective for me but considering the travel cost and petrol prices - it's worth looking at and hoping to do so this year.

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2017 #TheLifesWay
4. World’s First Super #SlowMotion Video in @SonyXperiaZA XZ Premium #SonyMWC - - Recently Samsung also launched their S9/S9+ with slow-motion video capabilities at MWC18 to which when Sony launched their latest XZ devices mentioned that they already had 960fps video capabilities launched last year at MWC17 and all the journalist present at the event laughed to their heart desires. Great use of anecdotes in real life is the basics of using smartness can bring laughter to any launch event.

5. Genuine, Quality Devices are #Gifts that Keep on Giving @SamsungMobileSA - -Samsung has been the front-runner of technology and I still remember when it was my time to buy my first mobile phone, I had a choice between Alcatel and Samsung. Alcatel offered so many features but Samsung was unibody and it worked for its life and I am happy that I chose Samsung at that time. Again, when I was in London, I bought again another Samsung phone which has the full keyboard (Blackberry type) on this phone while the market was flooded with latest Galaxy S1 launched. Since the last 2 years, Samsung SA is giving out devices (S8 and S9) to journalists/bloggers attending their launch events and these have been the years I am not invited to those. I have otherwise been part of many previous launch events and got earphones and pen drives etc. This thing has pained me a lot and gave me sleepless nights whenever this thought comes to my mind but life goes on...

Always bet on those who bet on you and don't fall for any traps unless your demands are met. If you are doing so, you are already in the vicious circle where they will rotate your n number of times till either you are tired or you succumb to their pressure. 

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