Wednesday 21 March 2018

14 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Nokia #HTC #CameraSmartphone

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My Journey with photography started way back when I was only 5-6 years old with Pentax film camera. Then it migrated to Kodak film camera and was limited as the film was costly to buy and process and 1 film only used to do 36 photos max. It was only with the invention of the digital camera, you could click thousands of images and print only the limited ones. And with the introduction of a camera in mobile phones, it further took turns as the prints were only limited and social media sharing took its place. 

My first smartphone camera was Nokia 7650 which my brother bought from Singapore and gifted me. It was an awesome phone and took good pictures. I used it for a while and it was stolen from my Jacket's pocket in my cousin's marriage ceremony. I really felt lost and bad as then I had to wait for more than a year or so before switching back to a camera phone. 

Second camera phone was Motorola ROKR E1 with which I took thousands of pictures using its 0.3MP camera and continued from Feb 2006 till the time I gave it for change of ear speaker and the guy took away certain parts and phone could not be repaired ever in 2007 as the chipset was burnt etc etc. The phone had amazing dancing lights on the sides and used to blink whenever you get a call. I got my job placement notification only from the lights as the phone was in silent mode and went to interview at 1030pm just because of Motorola Rokr E1 flashing lights. So grateful to Motorola for making this device and my brother for buying me this one from Singapore.

14 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Nokia #HTC #CameraSmartphones
My biggest camera came when 3.2MP was launched by Nokia in N73 Music Edition smartphone which was gifted to me by my brother-in-law before my marriage in 2008. I really loved it and used it until 2010 when I migrated to the first android phone with full touch screen and keyboard in Google G1 made by HTC. There must be thousands of photographs I have taken using Nokia N73 as I passed the phone to my wife before going to London. Google G1 was the smartphone where I initiated my twitter handle @araijain long back when Twitter came into the picture and now today my tweet count on the channel has reached around 175k.

In London, I was using Google G1 and when I came back to India, my brother again gifter me Google Nexus One which I still have my backup phone for emails. It doesn't work that fast but it can receive calls and send SMS. This one worked till 2013 when it's power on-off button met its lifetime and I could not switch it ON which I took care using an app on android play store. I have won hundreds of Twitter contests on this smartphone and think of the quality of this smartphone -  the battery is still fine and phone still works great. What an amazing technology by HTC on Google Nexus One.

As I was planning to come to Johannesburg in 2013, I was in love with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC ONE M7 and I had a choice to buy either. I decided to go with HTC ONE M7 because of its Beats Audio setup and when I used my BOSE earphones on both of them, the difference was clear and I decided to go with HTC M7 and again thousands of my twitter, facebook photos are taken by this smartphone. The battery bloated within a year and I raised a complaint here in Johannesburg within repair center and they gave me a brand new HTC ONE M7 on the second day without any charges. I felt great with the services and fell in love with HTC all over again.

HTC South Africa came in contact with me via my blog and gifted me their review device HTC ONE M8 on my birthday on 22 July 2015 which is still my primary smartphone in 2018 but I am only using the same to do tweets and facebook etc and not to take photos as much as I used to do earlier as the smartphone has gone very very slow and 8GB-16GB smartphone are total waste in this new digital and online world.

So, in the end, my camera smartphone journey is totally based on Nokia and HTC smartphones till date and most of the photographs you see on my Instagram pages are using Review units if mentioned and if not mentioned then it will be using the Panasonic FZ5 or Nikon DSLR from my previous post and rest all are using HTC M7 and M8 smartphones. Looking forward to getting the best in the range smartphone now in 2018!

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