Thursday 8 March 2018

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

January 2018 is the first month to start executing your plans and goals to achieve your dreams for this year and I felt happy to finally create something I always wanted to and only investing time and money on the brands which reciprocate my feelings. Blogging is not an easy task, it does require time and sacrifice or FOMO from other activities. You need to leave so many other time pass activities to spend time with your laptop to keep this going.

1. A Memoir - Year 2016 for #Blog #AashishRai (1000 Post) - - It's always wonderful to enjoy New Year with family and friends but as The Life's Way is also one of my top admirers, I love introspecting what went nicely to good to great. The Life's Way completed 5 Years on 27 Dec 2017 and during its last 5 years has brought me numerous good moments which I can always cherish and admire. Thanks to all those brands who have invested their time and money on my blog. Looking for a great 2018 too!

2. 5 Ways #Legion #Y720 and #Y520 Laptops are Upping the Game @Lenovo_Africa #LenovoCES - - Lenovo recently held their new products launch in South Africa at The Maslow Hotel by Sun International. These products which I wrote about last year when they were launched in CES, have only arrived in South Africa now. That's too much of time to bring the products to this market and the disadvantages of living in third world countries. But these days, a lot of companies are launching their products in third world countries at the same time when they are launching them in CES or MWC etc. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2017 #TheLifesWay
Keisha Clicked the same on her mom's old Nikon point and shoot 4mp camera
3. @HuaweiZA Mate 9 Wins Eight Awards at #CES2017 #Smartphone #AStepAhead - - Huawei and I didn't do anything together in 2017 and neither I got any phones to review or to keep and it's been a while I have tested any of their smartphones. The relationship is broken we can say and let's hope if the same can be rebuilt in 2018. 

4. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2015 #TheLifesWay - - This series of memories is very close to my heart as every month they give me access to my own feeling during the month. I am not always happy and sometimes irritated when the brands are not responding to my requests but then I continue to try, try and try again.

5. @LogitechG Unleashes Advanced #G533 Wireless Gaming Headsets - - Logitech is one of the gaming equipment manufacturers who is investing a lot of money in eSports along with several other brands such that the prize money in eSports has now reached more than 1 Million Rands. Kudos to the eSports players and their sponsors!

All other posts in Jan 2017 are for some of the brands which have not given anything in return and the time invested in them by me has totally gone waste. You shall always detach yourself from those companies who have no interest in your wellbeing and then let it go!


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