Friday 23 March 2018

13 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #LuckyDays

Hi Friends, 

It always happens that you get what you don't expect or have already bought some time back. In my life that has happened a lot and many times, I have got the same kind of products which I already just bought myself. But anyways a prize is always great and is received with a lot of gratitude to the Universe and the Law of Attraction which I believe in fully. 

The first time the lady luck smiled at me for something I always wanted to achieve was in London when I won a Sony Handycam HDR-XR350 at a UEFA Champions League Hyde Park Showcase to the Finals at Wembley, London, UK in 2011. I totally loved the same as the same was imported from Germany to London along with UEFA team and I used it to capture a lot of birthday events of Keisha and many celebrations at home. The 7.1MP Handycam with 160GB was worth more than I could buy myself and at that time I only had Panasonic FZ5 digital camera. I am thinking of doing video blogs using the same once I sort out the battery issues in Sony Handycam. The Handycam is stored in a small bag from Timberland which my brother-in-law gifted me from Russia. I did buy an extra battery from the USA via my brother but that too is old now to perform at full capacity. Sony is still the main sponsor of the Champions League Trophy.

Similarly, when Google launched their Nexus 7 tablet and my parents visited USA, I specifically gave them my Credit Card to get me one 16GB edition but as the same was sold out, they bought me a 32GB one. I simply adored the Nexus 7 and still watched most of my content on the same. Within 15 days of I receiveing the same when my parents came back from States, I won an Apple iPad Mini 16GB in one of the contests for Hyundai Motors, India. I was so happy and immediately fall in love with the new device too.

After buying my own Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, I participated in Mission Samsung Blogger Challenge in 2014 and as a part of Community Challenge Winner - I received an awesome Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera. The camera is too good in low light and holds a 20MP lens. The photographs are so good that the Mercedes-Benz also appreciated my clicks and a lot of them are shared on my social media channels including Instagram. I used it at many places from portraits to events and all the images using the camera is awesome. I bought a Purple cover for the same from Game Store at the sale for ZAR 50 and it holds the camera safely. I am looking to buy another battery for the same along with a 45mm lens which will enhance this camera further. 

In the last few years, I am thinking that I have not applied the Law of Attraction fully into my day to day living as surprises are not coming to me in their full capacity or my demands from the Universe have increased a lot. It's not that the Universe can't fulfill them but firstly I need to be able to accept them and also totally deserve them. In my London Handycam experience, I spent the whole Saturday at the event participating in all their games and activations without eating food etc and again went back on Sunday morning to do the same but came back once I got a call from them to announce me as a winner and handing me the prize. I was so happy. 

Similarly, with Samsung Challenge - I knew when I wrote the article on a weekend afternoon with a cup of tea in my hands that it will definitely win and from that day onwards - I never left hope and one day I got the email that I have won the contest. I received the camera after a small hiccup with the PR company where they were sending me a Samsung point and shoot camera instead of the original prize which I pointed them from the initial terms and conditions of the contest. They were humble enough to correct the same and sent me my prize in 2-3 days. I could not use it immediately as there was no SD card in the camera package so had to wait till I reached home. That day I still remember I had to attend an event too before making my way to my house and there was no SD card with me during this whole time. Immediately, the next day I bought a series of SD cards as spares for all my cameras. 

Wating for the days where Universe says to me - Your Wish IS My Command! Till that time...Cheers!!!

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