Monday 25 December 2017

Are You #CyberSmart and #CyberSure in Digital World?

Hi Friends,

This is the time of the century where we are always connected and always online and if we are not, we feel that we are missing something. In this connected world, we are dependent on our devices whatever it may be the smartphone, tablet or notebooks or computers and with time these devices begin to control us as we don’t remember our passwords and totally dependent on the login details automatically saved and provided by our gadgets. This brings us to a total halt when we change devices or someone cracks our passwords or the network we use to store the same has been hacked by someone. 

It’s easy these days as we have unlimited apps which store our data and can be easily hacked so we need to be Cybersmart all the time. It’s a daily effort and regular cleaning of our gadgets which can enable us to secure our passwords and also changing passwords at regular intervals can help a lot. There is no shortcut to this but if you want to secure your data and passwords, you have to take the road less traveled. We have seen in the past a lot of hacking has been done on celebrities mobile phones and cloud data of various gaming networks leading to a lot of demotivation to trust in the new technology.
Are You #CyberSmart and #CyberSure in Digital World?
There are stills laws planned out or in the process of creation if any crime happens to you so you need to be Cybersure that your insurance protects you in the case of cybercrime. People are not aware of these things and to make them aware, King Price has launched an online portal to learn more about the same as well as given a chance to win a share of R1 Million in Bitcoins or cash. The deadlines are near and during this holiday season, you can easily find time to check out this game and show your skills while answering some good questions related to Cyber Security which will make you Cyber-savvy.

Check out the and if you complete all 3 levels your name will be entered into a lucky draw to win. The game is just like Space Invaders which we used to play when we were young and I am sure you must have mastered this game. I have tried my luck in this game and got several entries as and when I have played but I don't think my score will be in the top players but anyways the knowledge I have acquired has really made me think about the Cyber Security and also that it's in my hands to stay protected in the digital world. 


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