Monday 11 December 2017

22 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Tenacious

Hi Friends,


Blogging is not an easy task as it always needs time and resource to fulfill the ongoing requirements of the niche segment you work in. Even if you are posting Press releases then also it takes at least some time to match the look and feel of your blog. I always need photos in all my posts so it takes a lot of time to post the same even. Also, if the same press release is on all other blogs too then you are not differentiating and also it's a favor to the brand and to maintain the relationship you have to do the same. 

Tenacity is a virtue which needs a lot of effort to carry on without getting demotivated. I really have evolved from the time when I was devoting my 100% on The Life's Way but as it has happened a lot of PR companies have benefitted without my personal benefits. So it's getting back to basics and only post what you want to do and write about. It might bring you fewer followers and readers but if your content is authentic then the brands will come after you sooner or later. Also, the second best part will be the less expectation you will have from the brand or the PR company as you do only what you are paid for. I don't want to fall into the trap of getting more pageviews by wasting my time on the brands which don't value me. I have sent them multiple requests so many times but not got any response so now onwards I will only do what I want to do for those brands and that won't be free at all. 

22 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Tenacious
It needs certain thought daily and gives unfulfilled expectations if you are not able to do it. I get irritated by myself if I am unable to complete the tasks I set myself for. It gets reflected in my daily life and what for? for some free looking PR companies and for stuff which I never wanted in the first place or some invite where I have to buy the cold drinks myself. There have been instances that I only could drink water or bought coca-cola by giving my own personal money after spending on petrol and parking too without any goodies bag too at the end. This is such a waste of time if you think that I could have invested that time playing some games with my daughter or teaching her mathematics. I will totally avoid such events from now onwards and that's the first resolution to take in 2018!


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