Tuesday 12 December 2017

19 Days To www.TheLifesWay.com 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Thankfulness

Hi Friends,


As the number of days towards my 5th birthday is nearing less and less, I am more and more grateful and thankful to the Universe for giving me this idea to start my blog. It's been a journey full of ups and downs which I loved and totally thank Universe for the same. The biggest year for The Life's Way blog was the year 2015 when I won #MissionSamsung Blogger Grand Finale and that year I received a 65inch Curved Samsung TV for the same. I simply adore the TV and have stopped going to cinemas for regular movies. This serves as a window into the house of the stars as I watch full HD content from the luxury of my home. 

The year 2016 has been fruitful too in terms of goodies received from Huawei in their launch events and also won the Samsung A5 smartphone from Fanta South Africa. Other than that I received a personalized UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker from Logitech which I really loved listening to. Also, I got Go Budds Bluetooth earphones from DJ Fresh which is an awesome little device to carry around your neck. 2016 also brought a lot of small gifts from power banks to pen drives; from bags to caps. 
19 Days To www.TheLifesWay.com 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Thankfulness
The Year 2017 has been good so far as I won myself a wonderful ESL Maxnomic 2.0 Gaming Chair from Kwese Gamer at the rAge Expo. This year rAge Expo was wonderful for me as I also won the Adata 1TB portable HDD for my keeping my photographs safe. After been a part of Canon Roadshows for more than 4 years, my daughter won the Selphy Printer this time and she was really happy. Other than that there were some Gift Vouchers which also came my way as a part of goodies bag from several brands or the online contests won. On my birthday this year, my friend from TechSmart Magazine Robin Leigh gifted me Sony Xperia Ear which I have fallen in love with. Sony gave a good gift this time when they launched their new devices locally and I totally loved the Extra Bass headphones in Red color. 

I can't thank enough The Life's Way for opening up a platform where I can win things or receive them in a goodies bag. I am Thankful for all the social media channels and my presence on them allows me to participate in all the lovely contests throughout the year. Looking forward to a great 2018 where I will start my Youtube channel and trying to earn a living out of The Life's Way!


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