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Stationery Review 5: Noodler's Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink (90ml) USD 22

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My brother also bought one of the standard inks from Noodler's Ink range of products. He also loved this particular ink introduced in the 2020 Baltimore Pen Show and since then it's been going on strong. I too loved the colour and you will too. This Noodler's ink is water resistant and is available at Goulet Pens for USD 22 for a 3oz (90ml) bottle on this day. 

Noodler's Ink is a brand built by Nathan Tardif in Massachusetts, United States of America. It now has more than 100+ inks that have gained much popularity. They are 100% handmade in the USA; no material is procured from China and made in the USA even the stickers and glass bottles. I got these from my brother who brought them from the USA and I brought them here to South Africa. It's also available at Applebee pens and WriteGear online stores. The price ranges from ZAR 360 to ZAR 560 but you will get them locally in South Africa. WriteGear currently have no stock as of date but maybe they will have the same in future. Between Applebee and WriteGear, there is hardly any change in the prices so if you are in Cape Town, you should travel to the Write Gear shop and if in Johannesburg, travel to the Applebee collection point for pickup as then you don't pay for the courier charges. 

If any ink brand wants to send us their inks, please contact me at Even if they cannot ship to South Africa, I can provide them with the Aramex Global Shopper Address where they can send the same to their local country address as well and I pay the courier charges to get them to South Africa. 

Stationery Review 5: Noodler's Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink (90ml) USD 22

I really loved this ink in this nice blue colour. I think I have developed a fascination for blue-coloured inks. I want them more and more in my arsenal now. This has a really dark aspect to the blue and doesn't turn into any other colour or black in its darker wetter portions. The inks are the main aspect of the fountain pen collection because you need to fill inks into your writing instruments. I feel that the brands should also sell 10ml or 5ml bottles as well at cheaper prices because it's really difficult to finish the 90ml bottles. If you don't like the colour, then the whole bottle goes to waste as it's difficult to find other ink collectors or fountain pen users in general. 

The ink in the Noodler's ink really spoils your hands etc so be careful with this ink. The bottle doesn't help as well as it's filled to the top and has a wide opening. That's done by the brand to provide a lot of value to its customers which I totally respect. 

This ink is also water resistant and can sustain a little bit of water on the paper and retain your writing. Also, all the drawings on the ink bottles are made and that makes each bottle unique. I totally loved the Noodler's range of inks and if I could find money I would definitely invest more money into their smaller bottles. 

What are your views on a single person's started brands similar to Organics Studio and Noodler's Inks? These are not corporate style or branded inks and need the support of all the users to buy and share their inks with the world. 

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