Tuesday 27 February 2024

Stationery Review 4: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Topaz (Brown) 30ml Bottle

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Lamy Topaz is another ink that is in my arsenal of ink for 2024 the count of which has now increased to 25 different inks from different brands. I am not talking about the cartridges I have or samples of the inks received with the pens. I am sure the focus will be getting and collecting some more inks during the year. I will try to participate in all the contests possible so that I win some inks and review them as well. For the rest of my life, I have enough as I won't be able to finish the same in the next 10-15 years or so. 
Stationery Review 4: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Topaz (Brown) 30ml Bottle
I need to contact Lamy South Africa's marketing manager to get more inks for review if possible.

Lamy Topaz T53 Crystal Ink comes in a beautiful bottle that we discussed in our previous posts. But the unique thing about this bottle was the little plastic line on the cap that's in the same colour as the ink. This is different from T52 where the whole cap is in the colour of the ink. 

If we look at the dried ink swab, I can see that the ink is a little bit darker than the cheaper Karkos ink I bought from Ali Express. Also, Lamy Topaz has a bit of green colour sheen that comes on the paper where we put some more ink. Also, there is a bit of red colour mixed into the ink on the darker spots. 
The price of the Lamy Crystal Inks is consistent on the Lamy Online Shop for ZAR 299 and during the black Friday sale, I got it at a 25% discount and bought the same for ZAR 225 only. I strongly suggest you buy directly from the Lamy Online Shop at https://www.lamyshop.co.za/ and get some of their limited editions of ink. 

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Check out the videos and the writings in the video. A new short video will also feature in this blog post soon. Thanks!!!

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