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Stationery Review 7: Camlin Royal Blue Fountain Pen Ink (INR 30 or US 36 cents) 60ml Bottle

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Camlin is an Indian Stationery Manufacturing company that was started in Mumbai in 1931. They started making inks around 1932 and since then they have been the choice of office and school. They have more than 2000 products in three categories under two brands Camlin and Camel. Check out this ink bottle that I bought for only Rupees 30 i.e. ZAR 7 or 36 cents. The colour is bright and I totally love these basic fountain pen inks from Camlin that are available in three colours - Royal Blue, Syah Black and Scarlet Red. 
Stationery Review 7: Camlin Royal Blue Fountain Pen Ink (INR 30 or US 36 cents) 60ml Bottle
I could not find the Red ink in the shop where I was staying in Noida but it must be available at a stationery shop near you. The Camlin Royal Blue is really wet ink as these are water-based inks. The colour really pops out in these inks. The packaging is simple and the ink bottle is made from cheap plastic material. Despite being new there was a leak as I brought them from India to South Africa in the luggage. I kept the inks inside the zip lock packets hence there was no leakage outside those bags onto my clothes and other materials. 

This is the cheapest ink I have in my arsenal which I love also. When I was buying the same, my attitude was when I have so many expensive inks from around the world, why should I waste my money on this ink? But the price of this ink made me think that I could mix and combine these inks to create more coloured inks hence the purchase. 

I mixed the ink with Organics Studio Nitrogen on my pen which was getting dry due to Nitrogen ink that's also called Royal Blue. But since the time I have mixed up this ink on the leftovers of Nitrogen in my Ali Express pen, there is a smooth flow and the feed is also looking cleaner as this is water-based ink. Now I want to buy the Scarlet Red from Camlin Range as well. 

I also found that in my almirahs in India, there is a black ink glass bottle from Camlin which is priced at Rs. 20 only. The ink is still not dry and I didn't bring that one here. It means that using the fountain pen and having different ones has come to me since the time I was in school or was introduced to them during my childhood. My father doesn't have any fountain pens because he always used the banker's ball pens or max roller gel pens. So, I have no inheritance of fountain pens but I will definitely leave behind the series of great fountain pens for my grandchildren. 

Kokuyo Japan has bought more than 51% share in Camlin so now most of the items are co-branded. They have brought in a lot of new products in international markets as well. I am sure Kokuyo Camlin will find its way into South Africa as well just like Deli Stationery. 

Let me know what are your thoughts on buying local inks from your respective country or Indian Inks that are really good as well as great value products? 

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