Wednesday 7 February 2024

Stationery Review 2: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Azurite (Deep Blue) 30ml Bottle

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I thought of also marking the stationery review posts to maintain continuity as well. This will take a while to post for all the YouTube videos I have shot which are more than 500+ for long format and 1200 + for Shorts format. I love stationery products and I am sure you also must have fallen in love with them during your life.

When you have a lot of pens, the next item is to buy the inks in different colours. I really love the colour of inks that get popped out and are reflective/brilliant in nature, by which I mean that they should shine on the paper whether they have shimmer or not, doesn't matter. It should really have a personality of its own. To pursue this passion, I have bought numerous colours of inks which will be showcased to you in my YouTube videos as well as in blog posts. 
Stationery Review 2: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Azurite (Deep Blue) 30ml Bottle
Lamy Germany is one of my favourite brands in terms of the range of products they offer. They have a unique style and owning a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen was one of my dreams. It all started when I bought one in Yellow colour during 2022 from Sandton Stationery & Print shop in Sandton City Mall. I got it for around ZAR 280 and then the ink converter cost me about ZAR 120 more so overall I paid ZAR 400 for the pen and got my EF nib as well. Now I am looking for a black F nib to fit my Safari Fountain Pen. 

My second reason to love Lamy Germany is also due to its limited range of products, not in terms of the colours that they keep bringing but in terms of the designs of the products. The writing instruments range they offer starts from Safari, 2000, Aion, Studio, Swift, Vista, Ideos, al-Star, LX, Logo, Cp 1, Scala, Nexx, Accent, Joy, Dialog, Imporium and some more. The same models are also available in Rollerball and ballpoint pens as well. I am in pursuit of owning Lamy 2000 and Lamy Dialog. 
If we talk about the inks, they only have two ranges - T52 (50ml) and T53 Crystal Inks (30ml) bottles. T52 are normal day-to-day inks that are cheaper as compared to crystal inks and come with tissue paper to take care of any stains or extra ink on the body of the pen. 

T53 are expensive crystal inks that have sheen and shimmer built into the same and really reflect the quality Lamy offers. The design of the bottle is awesome as you unbox the ink. The bottle has a big opening that is both beneficial in terms of filling the ink in any kind of pen as well as the same can lead to accidents in case you drop it and the whole ink will be on the desk or ground. 

I wanted to go into the crystal range of inks so I kept waiting for the Black Friday sale at Lamy Online shop because the price kept on increasing at all the online stores. I thought the same would be offered at a discount like last year when T52 ink bottles were sold for ZAR 99 only. The price of the T53 was the same as the T52 ink bottle last year in 2022. But the black Friday sale this time has very limited pens on discount and no ink formed the part of the same so I had to take a plunge to buy the inks at the price mentioned on the website. My good luck was that there was a 25% discount that was applied store-wide on all the products so it cost me a little bit less than the retail price of ZAR 299 (USD 16). 

I bought this Azurite T53 Crystal Ink from Lamy Online Shop for ZAR 224 (USD 12) only. Lamy Azurite is also called Deep Blue and the ink is really nice tilted towards the darker purple shades as well. I am sure you won't miss the letters written in this ink as it's really dark and makes you wonder if this is black or blue or what? I am not sure why Lamy is calling the same as Crystal ink when there is no brilliance in the colour on the page. 

I have not seen any of the Lamy inks feature in the top inks on the famous stationery shops videos on YouTube. There was also a problem with the ink bottle as most of the ink came out of the box and fell on other ink packets as well. The brands replaced the bottle but the same happened with the other Azurite bottle as well. The rest of the colours I bought have no leakage. Also, the packaging was different in all the T53 bottles I bought. 

Overall, I am not clear about this ink as it should have been bought in the first place or not and now I have two bottles to finish. If anyone wants the same, I can sell the same for ZAR 200 cash in Johannesburg, South Africa. I will definitely try different pens and use this ink more as I just bought it before I went on holiday to India and since that time I have not used it. I will definitely try to use this ink in my new Fountain Pens from Kanwrite. More about the same in the next video so keep watching my YouTube channel

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