Tuesday 6 February 2024

Stationery Review 1: Organics Studio Nitrogen - Royal Blue Fountain Pen Ink #TheLifesWay

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Hereby I am starting to promote all my YouTube content on my blog as well. I am not satisfied with <10 views on my channel so I need to do a snowball effect using all the backlinks to my videos and shorts so that I can get a decent amount of views. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any products or services showcased in the videos. 

As you know I have restarted my hobby of using Fountain Pens and collecting them as well. The pens need inks so you have to get them as well. I am not satisfied with a single colour of ink which I used for the last 4 years and that was Parker Quink Blue so I ventured into a range of inks already available in the country and the world over. 
Stationery Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen - Royal Blue Fountain Pen Ink #TheLifesWay
I made a list of all the inks that I wanted in my life and slowly and steadily I am buying them or getting them. This particular ink was not available in South Africa so I asked my brother for the same and as luck followed, he was also using fountain pens and is currently in love with TWSBI Diamond 580AL in Blue colour. The pen is lovely and he mixes some coloured inks into his special TWSBI ink bottle as well. 

My brother bought me Organics Studio's most famous ink Nitrogen, a Royal Blue ink with a red sheen. Thanks to him for getting it from the USA as it was unavailable in South Africa. The same is priced at around USD 13 at Goulet Pens. Checkout the video about the ink swab on my platform - 

Organics Studio is a brand started by a biochemistry student from University of Maryland in United States. They have five range of inks - 
  1. Elements - Less Saturated Soft Inks. This Nitrogen is also part of this series.
  2. Masters of Writing - Highly saturated unique colours themed after famous book authors. 
  3. Master of Science - Pigmented or iron gall archival inks. 
  4. Darwin Inks - Quick drying inks and this is best for lefties. 
  5. Ernest's Vintage Writing Fluids - Vintage style ink with low maintenance. 

The best part about this ink is -
  • Solid Red Sheen thought the ink is in Royal Blue colour.
  • No Shimmer and No shading. 
  • Looks really good in the light with its dual colours. 
The bad part about this ink is- 
  • Stains your hands badly
  • After drying also, if you put your hands on the paper, you will get stains
  • High-maintenance ink as it's really hard to clean your pen. 
  • Not water resistant
These inks are packed in 55ml plastic bottles which are then packed in a cardboard box with a sticker pasted on the same. 

After writing with the ink and then checking the change of colours, I feel that there is some kind of chemical reaction that oxidizes when it comes in contact with the paper and air and turns the top layer into a red colour. If you wipe it then you will have a turquoise colour underneath. This test was done on my table, where some drops fell and I could analyze the process. 

When I washed my glass pen then the water turned into a turquoise colour so this ink has some kind of chemical composition that's based on that colour and gives a red sheen when dried. 
The social media pages have not seen any updates since Feb-2023 (Instagram & Facebook) and the website is not working as well. I can see the inks are available at Goulet Pens for USD 13 only. 

Aum Namah Shivay!

Till next time...Aashish
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