Thursday 8 February 2024

Stationery Review 3: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Agate (Grey) 30ml Bottle

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In continuation with our Lamy T53 Crystal Fountain Pen Inks review, I also bought this really light colour as I wanted to try the same as well. The grey colour is also available from the Kaweco inks range but then this was crystal ink so thought of investing in the same. I am talking about the Lamy Agate which is a silvery Grey in color. 

Stationery Review 3: Lamy T53 Crystal Ink - Agate (Grey) 30ml Bottle

I got an idea when posting these blog posts that there should be some YouTube Shorts video that needs to be created separately so that it can form part of this blog and also it can then be shared on the YouTube Channels and IG as well. Every day I clean my desk and then again it's full of chaos before I can start shooting the shorts. I definitely need to work on a flowchart where I can leave aside my mental blocks to work on the videos. As you know Universe loves speed and so many ideas get lost if you grab them right when they appear so I am going to grab them and work them smoothly going forward. 

Coming back to this Lamy Agate (Grey) T53 Crystal Ink in a 30ml bottle, we have silvery ink that can really be a mixture of white and a little bit of black coloured inks. With this ink also there is no sheen or shimmer to be called crystal ink. Maybe the only way to test them further is to use different kinds of paper that I don't have currently with me.

The best feeling about his ink is that it feels like your fountain pen is writing like a pencil as after the drying time, the paper and the ink feel like written using a H/2H pencil. In case you want to relive your childhood and doesn't want to use the clutch pencils etc then this Lamy Agate is perfect for you. 

Paper does make a lot of difference to the way your ink will behave along with the nib size. A lot of it depends on the GSM of the paper along with the fabric of the paper. There are so many problems like feathering, ghosting, bleed-through and smoothness (drying times) that need to be observed for the inks and papers along with the colour of paper that's available in the market. Like with this Agate, white colour paper will be better as compared to the yellowish or cream coloured ones. 

This ink is priced at ZAR 299 at the Lamy Online Shop in South Africa and with a 25% discount during the black Friday period on the website, I got it for around ZAR 225 only. 

Overall, I wouldn't recommend the Grey colour inks unless you have a specific purpose like paintings, drawings or doodling that you have to do. What idea I have is to mix this ink with something that can add some shine to the same and will try mixing yellow into the same along with some green in a separate one to check what colours can be made out of it. If we add a drop of black ink into this one, there will be no difference left between black and grey then as you can see from the ink swab in the video. 

Check out the videos and the writings in the video. A new short video will also feature in this blog post soon. Thanks!!!

Aum Namah Shivay!

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