Wednesday 21 June 2023

Winter doesn’t have to be a downer – Have a Social life, Stay fashion-conscious and Happy #Nokia105

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Winter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, with the cold making people hesitant to step outdoors. The double-edged sword is that load shedding makes indoor activities like watching movies, or simply listening to music, hard as well.

Throw into the mix a lack of motivation to do physical exercise, lower mood due to a lack of vitamin D and serotonin, and being cooped up indoors because of low outdoor temperatures, and you could end up feeling rather blue about life.

The good news is that winter doesn’t have to be the let-down that it can be infamous for! HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares some tips on how to keep social, look fabulous, and feel on top of the world this winter.
Winter doesn’t have to be a downer – Have a Social life, Stay fashion-conscious and Happy #Nokia105
Retro/vintage is powering the 2023 fashion scene
If you love the vintage look (and the wonderful nostalgia that it brings), 2023 is your year! Vintage is roaring ahead in fashion this year, with a notable spotlight on comfort and minimalism. Smaller handbags partner well with oversized sweaters and comfy cargo pants are just perfect for the compact Nokia 105 - which is a fashion statement in itself.

This neat phone takes you back to when you could just slip your phone into your compact bag or pocket - but brings with it all the features you need. FM radio, 15 hours of talk time, games to keep you entertained in the queue at the grocery store…and a bright torch for when load shedding tries to leave you in the dark.

Going retro can also help with mental wellness
Another way to support your mental wellness this winter is by taking a break from the “noise” of things like souped-up modern technology - which seems to be always on, and always shouting for your attention.

Going retro with certain things, like your mobile phone, can evoke a nostalgic feeling that takes you back emotionally to “simpler times”, when things were easier, less stressful, and less cluttered. This can have a powerful effect on your state of calm and improve your holistic mental well-being.

Stay on top of the entertainment scene
While you’re chatting for hours with your friends (yes, HOURS – because the incredible battery life of the Nokia 105 gives you the power to talk for hours), it’s more than likely that the topic of what’s hot on the entertainment scene will come up.

Luckily, one of the upsides of staying indoors more often in winter means you’ll be able to binge-watch some of the latest series, so you’ll have no trouble commenting on all the drama happening in Young, Famous & African S2 – because you can stream them right to your phone (and watch for hours)!
Winter doesn’t have to be a downer – Have a Social life, Stay fashion-conscious and Happy #Nokia105
Be the light of your own life
OK, let’s face it – load shedding on a freezing-cold, dark winter’s night is enough to bring anyone down. The Nokia 105 can give you a bright guiding light so you don’t stub your toe (which is always more painful when it’s cold), fall over the dog, or step on a Lego brick (if you’re a parent, you’ll know the pain – especially in winter).

Turn on that powerful torch and be your OWN guiding light to the bathroom – or the kitchen for some leftover shesa nyama because you need some kind of reward for getting up in the middle of a winter’s night (you won’t be able to heat it, but that’s OK – leftover shesa is great hot or cold).

Keep your mind healthy and happy during winter
An effective and easy way to help you work through those mental winter “blues” and feel happy and content. Music is one of them – especially if it’s music you really enjoy. Imagine cuddling under your blankets in your bed with a hot water bottle, listening to your favourite artists as you fall asleep. With the Nokia 105’s FM wireless radio, you can listen all night. And a good night’s sleep also sets you up to wake up feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to take on the day – which may be cold, but you’ve got some really cool tools to make them fabulous with!

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