Friday 16 June 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 09 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

Week 9 was all about watching movies and web series.

1. Entertainment - I started by watching the Selfiee movie starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi. It's a one-time watch but you can also avoid watching the same too. Shehzada movie staring Karthik Aryaan, Kriti Sanon and Sunny Hinduja. It's also a one-time watch but nothing great the only good point was the see the Caudan Waterfront in Mauritius featured in this movie's action sequence. I also watched The Whale movie which was very difficult to sit through as it was emotionally tense. Congratulations to Brendan Fraser for winning the Oscar for his acting in this movie. I totally loved the Physics Wallah web series on the life of Alakh Pandey. This one is really worth looking at one time for sure. I also attended the premiere show of Creed III this was the first one of the series of movies I watched. I am sure these kinds of movies are made for gym-going people who are fans of the Rocky series. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 09 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
2. Launch Events - I attended the introduction to the new audio setups for Bowers & Wilkins. The setup on those at Homemation is really great and you can own one if you want to spend some money on your audio around the house via smart setup. 
3. Thank You - I started it again and started it at the start of the week and reached from zero to 19000 mark. The overall now is 175500 for the year. 
I didn't do anything else more than that and posted some of the long-form videos on my Youtube channel. Do you want to know how much I have earned so far from Youtube and how less is the minimum or the maximum payment I get from my Youtube advertisements? 

Aum Namah Shivay!

Till next time...Aashish 
Thanks! Cheers!!! 

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