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New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20

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  • X-S20 brings the latest auto-focus tech, Vlog mode and a larger battery to the compact body.
  • Also, an ultra-wide lens coming to SA, with the new Fujifilm XApp app available for enhanced wireless image transfer.
Fujifilm South Africa has announced the Fujifilm X-S20 mirrorless camera, the follow-up to the 2020s highly regarded X-S10. The X-S20 continues down the path set by its older brother, making it easy for both beginners and professional photographers alike, not forgetting about videographers and now also vloggers.

Quick and easy vlogging
For vloggers, Fujifilm has incorporated a new Vlog mode. It works by setting the Mode dial on the top panel to ‘Vlog’ in order to have the X-S20 ready for recording video in a second. Doing so activates the LCD monitor to display the live view alongside six important functions (such as Background Defocus mode, Product Priority mode and High-Speed Rec.), making it easy to adjust settings by simply touching the screen.

New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20

To make recording convenient, the X-S20 comes equipped with a 1.84-million-dot rear vari-angle LCD monitor to clearly view yourself when shooting video, while the camera can be also combined with Fujifilm’s innovative TG-BT1 tripod grip for enhanced vlog production.

By using a USB-Type C cable to connect the camera to a computer, vloggers can use the X-S20 as a webcam without having to install extra software. This allows them to continue to use Fujifilm’s innovative Film Simulation modes even during live streaming or an online meeting, and also able to adjust shooting settings on the fly.

As far as video capture capabilities, the X-S20 can record 6.2K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video internally, further supporting extensive video functions including 4K/60P and 1080/240P.

New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20
Improvements all around
First seen on the X-S10, the X-S20 features the signature large grip for stability, being further enhanced with a five-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism that offers up to a 7.0-stop advantage. Fujifilm also drastically improved battery life on the X-S20, with the newly adopted high-capacity NP-W235 battery capturing approx. 800 frames (more than double the X-S10), making it an ideal travel camera. This status is further confirmed by the weight of the camera, pulling the scales at only 491g.

The X-S20 is certainly no slouch, boasting the back-illuminated 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and the high-speed X-Processor 5 image processing engine to produce high-quality images and video. This is the same image processing engine found in Fujifilm’s flagship X-T5 camera and allows for a number of improvements including to the auto-focus (AF) system.

New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20

Importantly, Fujifilm brings its latest subject-detection AF technology to the X-S20, developed with Deep Learning technology. Now users can detect drones, cars, animals, birds, motorcycles, bicycles, aeroplanes, trains and insects, keeping them in focus for the perfect shot. In AUTO mode – advantageous for beginner photographers – the X-S20 automatically selects the optimum settings according to scenes, complemented by the new AUTO Subject Detection function.

Fujifilm X-S20 - local price and availability
A full all-rounder that caters to professionals, beginners and vloggers, the Fujifilm X-S20 should be available in South Africa in mid-June with a suggested retail price of R23 900 (incl. VAT), or R29 500 (incl. VAT) for X-S20 body alongside an 18-55mm lens.

New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20

Fujifilm’s widest lens yet - the XF8mmF3.5 R WR
Alongside the X-S20, Fujifilm has also launched its widest XF lens yet. The Fujinon XF8mmF3.5 R WR is an ultra-wide angle (UWA) prime lens with a focal length of 8mm (equivalent to 12mm in the 35mm film format). It boasts a viewing angle of 121 degrees diagonally and 112 degrees horizontally, capturing information from an area about double the effective visual field that human vision can recognise. The compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal walkaround lens with a wide range of applications including landscape, architecture, snapshots and travel photography. Furthermore, the lens barrel is weather-sealed at ten locations to achieve dust- and weather resistance and is able to operate in temperatures as low as -10°C.

The Fujinon XF8mmF3.5 R WR ultra-wide angle lens is expected in South Africa in mid-June with a suggested retail price standing at R16 500 (incl. VAT).

New Fujifilm X-S20 Makes Life Easy for vloggers & Travellers @fujifilmx_za #FujifilmXS20

New XApp app brings stability to wireless image transfer
Last but certainly not least, Fujifilm is also releasing a new app to use with the GFX / X Series of digital cameras - the XApp. This app connects Fujifilm’s Wi-Fi-capable digital cameras with a smart device for remote shooting, image transfer and viewing. It offers improved wireless communication stability and speed over the previous app, allowing for smoother picture transfer and simplified operations. With the XApp, users can remotely operate a GFX / X Series camera from a connected smartphone/tablet while checking images in the Live View mode. There’s also a new ‘Timeline’ function which gathers and displays shooting information such as the camera and lens used, number of images taken, shooting location and more. The Fujifilm XApp is available for free to download from the most important app stores right now.

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