Sunday 9 January 2022

New Year Resolution #5 - 25 Books To Read & Listen To In 2022 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

I already wrote about the habit to inculcate reading books and magazines into your daily life as this is one of the ways to learn these days and has been a truth always. I can still recount that Warren Buffet read all the books on finance and stock markets from his local library if I can remember correctly at a very young age. 

In this digital age where you have a kindle, iPad, Audible and other various modes to read books and magazines which medium is great always remains a question to ask and consider? I can certainly put down my viewpoints as I thought over the years and have been using all these mediums from time to time on a daily basis. 

I have a Kindle Keyboard which one of my friends bought in the USA for me and I paid him in Rupees and I got it in 2012 and since then I have been using it on a weekly basis at least. I really love that this can convert any book into an audio translator using a built-in text to audio converter. I still feel that the eyes don't get hurt while reading on Kindle and I am using software named Calibre - eBook Management to manage all the books on the same. 

Secondly, coming to the iPad 3 I have which has a great retina display as compared to my earlier iPad mini used by my dad is not working anymore and is being replaced by iPad 8 by my brother on their trip to the USA last year. I love the kindle app on the same and because it has a backlit screen, you can read it during your bedtime too. Also reading news articles or magazines is really good due to the bigger screen size and touch panel makes it easy to move between the pages. Zooming in and out is also really easy and you can finish the magazines so fast using your iPad. 

Audible is an Amazon app for listening to a big list of audiobooks which comes at a premium membership where you need to pay some monthly subscription and receive 1-2 books per month for free and the rest then you can buy as per the rates. This is an app that saves your listening history and gives you badges for every minute of listening to keep you motivated. The audible app is really nice and I totally love it. 
New Year Resolution #5 - 25 Books To Read & Listen To In 2022 #TheLifesWay
Coming to my personal list of books that I plan to read for the first time will be shared here as well as some of the books I want to re-read again this year. 

1. Do Epic Shit - Ankur Warikoo (Reading - Wk-2)
2. One Minute Millionaire - Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen (Re-reading in Wk1-2)
3. Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a Day - P V Subramanyam (Reading in Wk-2)
4. Keep Going/Show Your Work - Austin Kleon 

Some of the audiobooks I plan to listen to 

1. Yes My Accent is Real - Kunal Nayyar (Completed in Wk-1)
2. The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel (Completed in Wk-2)

3. Shoe Dog - Phil Knight (Planned for Wk-3)
4. The Productivity Project - Chris Bailey (Listening in Wk-2-3)

I will keep on adding to the list as I find more and more books to commit to. It's like a continuous decision to find the right ones and find the time to read them too. So far I have observed I can listen to some of the books and complete them during my daily walks. I am sure my audiobooks list will be around 20+ and other books will be around 5. I am committed to reading much more than that but let's break them week by week. The first week I completed a book by Kunal Nayyar and the second week of the year I will be finishing The Psychology of Money which is a really nice book. 

Though the count of books seems to be really small as compared to the productivity gurus on Youtube saying 100s of books in a year or so what we need to realize is that my only task is not to read books. We have jobs, kids, family, our own entertainment, rest and sleep which gives us some time to keep up with books. Hence, I will only target to read books I really wanted to pick up consciously and go through and can drop them too if I am not deriving any value out of them. It's all about your return of investment of your personal time to books. I recently wrote another post on inculcating reading habits from the start which my father did in us. My brother is much more of a voracious reader and reads all kinds of topics as compared to me to a limited set of books. He even has a policy in his company to gift every employee a Kindle of his own choice as well as Kindle Books fund to buy books from his company's expenditures. I hope you will have your own book's goals if not, you should definitely have some at least 10 in a year or 12 in total - 1 per month. Happy Reading! 

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