Wednesday 5 January 2022

New Year Resolution #4 - One Million Thank You #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

There have been some of the habits I have followed over the years to increase my gratitude power as per the Law of Attraction and also to increase my productivity in several areas from time to time. I have watched The Secret movie way back in 2007 for the first time and since then I am glued to the video. I have learned a lot from the video as well as followed so many practices over the years. Last year during the lockdown, I came across a book named Happy Money by Ken Honda where the writer told me that any of your tasks which is pending for a long can be achieved if you say Thank You 100,000 times and be grateful about it and I took it really seriously to adapt into my lifestyle. He further told that there is nothing that can stop you from achieving that task if you have the belief and conviction in your gratitude towards the Universe. 

I generally walk and bought a hand-held digital counter to implement saying the 100,000 Thank You continuously in a jap (in Hindi) way meaning the muttering of a mantra. I generally try to achieve as and when I remember but for 2022 I am setting a goal to achieve it every month once for sure. For the same, it boils down to 3333 per day which can be achieved if you walk for around 3 kilometres every day then you can easily say Thank You as you take each step. One by one you will reach a stage where your counter will show 99999 and I can tell you that's one of the happiest moments for sure. 
New Year Resolution #4 - One Million Thank You #TheLifesWay
I have been irregular at this task so I have not seen or is not able to connect the dots where this has helped me in my life in a big way in 2021. But I am sure whatever small I have achieved in 2021 is only due to this for sure. I have seen myself winning contests where I really wanted to win, I have seen myself getting things I wanted to buy. It's really a habit that you should adopt to take you a frequency where you can feel great about yourself and others around you. I also felt internally happy that I am doing this task and slowly I will have the conviction with belief too and that's what I wish for you too! I am sure if I go by this rate and at the end of the 12 months, I will be crossing One Million Thank You's for sure. It will be 1.2 Million THANK YOU's that will create a great life for me this year in 2022. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I am sure that you are following my new year resolutions and I plan to update these posts once I achieve a particular goal for the week or month or as I feel about it a little later in the year. I also plan to create some of the affirmations videos in the various categories on my Youtube Channel and the same will be released soon. Let the process begin today! 

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