Thursday 13 January 2022

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2021 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

January is generally known to be a Galaxy month where a new smartphone from Samsung comes to the market and last year Galaxy S21 was launched and I was using the same till the end of the year courtesy Samsung South Africa. As the smartphone goes back to the company, I am missing the powerful camera on the S21 series has and mind you that I am not even talking about the S21 Ultra. Let's forget about these memories as the new smartphone is in the pipeline by Samsung this season and I am hoping for the best.

1. @SamsungSA Introduces Latest Innovations for A Better Normal #CES2021 - CES 2021 happened and it showcased some of the latest innovations by Samsung Electronics. CES 2022 is currently going on and I could not put effort to check what's happening this time around and maybe check it on the weekend to catch up with all the latest technology released to the market. 

2. @SamsungSA Sets New Standard for Flagship Mobile Processors #Exynos2100 #CES2021 #ExynosOn #Exynos_is_back - Exynos is the silicon chip made for the future and will continue to power and guide the smartphones in 2022 also on some of the Samsung Smartphones which will be revealed in 2022 and going further into the future.

3. Premium Comes Standard with World’s First QLED #GalaxyChromebook2 @SamsungSA #CES2021 - Chromebook 2 was also launched last year but never made it to the African markets as far as I know. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2021 #TheLifesWay
One of the photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone
4. Meet @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro: Epic Sound for Every Moment #SamsungUnpacked - This is the best audio wireless earbuds that produces such great sound that you will fall in love immediately. I totally loved them when I used them and my review is also here in case you want to check and read. 

5. Make Every Day Epic with @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS21 #GalaxyS21Plus #SamsungUnpacked - Samsung S21 series is something I totally adored and fell in love with because of the camera quality in point-and-shoot mode also. I never do any kind of editing on my photos and everything you see is just directly coming out of the device and my Instagram has images from the Galaxy S21 model mostly in 2021. Check out the review of the Galaxy S21 on my blog post. 

I only did 8 posts in Jan 2021 and some of them are produced here. The wisdom to write more and more of my personal content has come to me in 2022. Just copy-pasting Press Releases is not going to benefit me as I am at the mercy of brands in hope that they will send me something or will invite me to their launch events etc. At the end of the year, I am not even getting any sponsored posts nor any gifts from them so why waste time promoting their posts. Hence, fewer brands, fewer press releases unless it's a trade exchange or sponsored posts, more collaborative posts, analysis posts and self-written content. I am sure you will like the idea. I will do all kinds of comparative posts based on the knowledge I have about all the gadgets and new products specifications. Happy New Year 2022 once again to all my readers! 

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