Saturday 24 August 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - Sacred Games Season 2 @NetflixSA TV Series #Mystery #Drama #SacredGames2

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Sacred Games Season 1 really made the Indian TV Series market look great and worthy of making an investment by many of the producers, directors and OTT content providers and Video On Demand services. People came to know about the series via word of mouth and social media channels were flooded with clips and memes. I was not aware of the series last year and didn't have Netflix connection at that time so watched the same a little later when everyone around me has already watched it. 

This time the story was different as I had a working Netflix connection gratefully provided by the brand for 6 months which will end soon and on the Independence Day of India 15th August 12am IST, the show's 8 episodes were made available to the subscribed public. I only started watching the season on Thursday evening after work and watched the first 5 episodes till my eyes got closed. I downloaded the rest 3 episodes in the Netflix app to watch on Friday evening and finished the same till dinner time. 

I really loved that the Croatia Ashram is none other than the Freedom Park in Pretoria, South Africa which is visible from the National Highway whenever I drive towards the city. Now I will definitely make a visit to this historical museum. Also, I could relate as my neighbors met the cast esp Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj, and Kalki when they were traveling by Ethiopian Airlines on their way to Pretoria and Pankaj Tripathi was sitting in the general category airplane seats only whereas others were in Business Class. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Sacred Games Season 2 @NetflixSA TV Series #Mystery #Drama
Season 2 starts with the same mystery which kept us hanging at the end of Season 1 and all the episodes throughout out the series. Now with the 16 episodes, you can actually binge the whole series once again to check out what happened when. The second season is more ruthless in terms of killings and actions showcased on the series. Some scenes are really disturbing and I had to make my way through them without any judgments and thoughts.

Season 2 brings in some new characters as the show brings in the twists and turns provided by Guruji and a brief into his life too. Also, Kenya is the new platform to work for Gaitonde as he leaves Bombay in the last season after attacked by Issa. This season is full of new characters and many of them live a short life of 2-3 episodes in this season. The scientist in the last scene was the funniest as she kept using the random pattern as if the bomb is her mobile phone pattern without any knowledge. Do watch the Sacred Games Season 2 and I hope that you won't want to see the next seasons as it's not as great as the first one and it's going on the path of LOST TV series.

Acting-wise, this is fully Pankaj Tripathi's show along with Nawazuddin performances and Kalki has some dialogues in between in broken Hindi. The best new characters in Season 2 is Saxena Ji from Bhabhi Ji Ghar pe hai fame (Saanand Verma) who played a Kenyan Gujrati trader whom Gaitonde made into a local don on the ask of Kusum Devi Yadav an Indian Intelligence Agent played by Amruta Subhash in search of Shahid Khan played by Ranvir Shorey. Malcolm doesn't look so dangerous as in Season 1 and Surveen Chawla played her character of Jojo nicely. Overall, Sacred Games Season 2 can also be called as Once Upon A Time in The Life of - - - and they give you stories of each character introduced in this as well as the previous season. 

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