Wednesday 7 August 2019

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2018 #TheLifesWay #BirthdayBoy

Hi Friends, 

July will remain always my favorite month as I was born in this month and every year I look forward to making it my best month of the year. This year I did spend a lot of money on the things I always wanted in my life and my family too showered me with gifts of their choice which I totally loved. I did win a contest with Aquelle but the prize is still to arrive so I am not sure what they will send me. 

1. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2017 #TheLifesWay #1550Post - - Last year when I posted this blog post for July 2017 it was my 1550th post and this year this one will be 1765th post on my blog. I think the next year it will be very less movement as I will move more towards video blogging as compared to the pen and paper. 

2. Product Review - @HuaweiZA P20 #SeeMooore #HuaweiP20 #ArtificialIntelligence - - Last year I was using this review unit by Huawei and totally loved taking it around the city. The portrait photographs looked too cool just from the smartphone and posted thousands of them on the social media networks. Now I am using Huawei P20 Pro which is also an awesome smartphone and my wife wants to use it now. 

3. Product Review - @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S9 #DoWhatYouCant #GalaxyS9 @SamsungSA - - Last year I received this awesome smartphone from Samsung for 2 weeks review and I took the same to Badplaas Forever Resorts and totally loved the same. The photos on this device are totally out of this world that's why I think they call them GALAXY smartphones! 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2018 #TheLifesWay #BirthdayBoy
4. Product Review - @NokiaMobile Nokia 6.1 #AndroidOne #NokiaMobileZA #Nokia61 @HMDGlobal - - Nokia relaunched themselves in South Africa and I got to review one of their smartphones and the other one they sent, was left in the mailroom till the end of review period as they never called me and Nokia PR company never told me that they sent it. Totally missed the opportunity to use the Nokia 7 plus because of this miscommunications. 

I did several other product reviews last July and this July in 2019, I took a break from all social media channels and focussed on enjoying my life. 

5. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jun 2017 #TheLifesWay - - I totally love writing for this series of blog posts and share what happened that month of the year. I might be late to do so in many months but I try to be consistent and now onwards I will try to stick to a schedule. More and More I analyze these posts, I feel sad that I did so many posts for all these brands for free and they are not calling me to their events too. Some of them have never sent any goodies, press drops at all and when asked for the same, they totally stop all communications. This world of PR and blogging is such a mean world and you need to have a thick skin to carry on going in this one! 

Many thanks for all your love and blessing in my birthday month for all the wishes on facebook, WhatsApp and other channels of communications. Many thanks to my family and friends for all their great gifts and thoughts about my celebrations. One of my close friends told me that, I will be double Naughty at 40 because I am already Naughty! I am sure I will surpass his expectations! 


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