Friday 29 March 2019

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Hi Friends, 

Samsung Mobiles in South Africa has been an activation powerhouse after the launch of its latest smartphones in various shopping malls around the country. It's getting bigger and better every year as their smartphones are growing better and bigger too. I have always been a participant of these activations as a general public since Samsung Galaxy S5 where I got a steel water bottle printed with my name way back in 2014 or so at Sandton City. 

For Galaxy S6/S7/S8, I didn't get a chance to attend these activations and deprived myself of awesome goodies given away. 
Samsung Studio #GalaxyS10Studio #GalaxyS10 @GatewayUmhlanga @SandtonCity @Canal_walk @TheMallOfAfrica
Keisha with DJ Fresh at Sandton City
Last year when they launched Samsung Galaxy S9, I was there and again got myself a cool plastic water bottle by participating in their activations and activities. They also give away a lot of earphones, speakers and even the latest smartphones. Later, at S9 event I won myself by taking a guided tour and answering the questions asked by putting my hand first to win myself Samsung Uflex wireless earphones. 
Samsung Studio #GalaxyS10Studio #GalaxyS10 @GatewayUmhlanga @SandtonCity @Canal_walk @TheMallOfAfrica
Aashish Rai Jain with Grant Hinds
This year, with the launch of S10, they made it even bigger with the prize being R10000 cash but unfortunately, I was not able to find time to participate in the guided tours. The list was always full for the whole day as the stakes were very high. I have seen people celebrating their wins and R10000 is not a small amount at all. It's like a full month's salary for many. Kudos to Samsung for bringing those smiles on many lucky ones. 
Samsung Studio #GalaxyS10Studio #GalaxyS10 @GatewayUmhlanga @SandtonCity @Canal_walk @TheMallOfAfrica
These were the experience zones this time for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10Plus. 
  • Experience 1: See the Difference - The difference between the 3 phones and camera features, OIS stabilization in Videos
  • Experience 2: Power Share Experience - You can charge your devices using reverse wireless charging
  • Experience 3: Gaming Experience - Fortnight championship to win S10
  • Experience 4: Dance Experience - AR Emoji takes a new level to follow your dance steps
  • Experience 5: Ultra-Wide Angle Experience - More than 172 degrees of the area captured
Samsung Studio #GalaxyS10Studio #GalaxyS10 @GatewayUmhlanga @SandtonCity @Canal_walk @TheMallOfAfrica
Samsung Scoop Speakers
This year my only satisfaction was to get a Samsung Scoop Speakers by getting myself enrolled in Samsung Pay with FNB Credit/Cheque Card and paying R10 for the same. It's a great speaker and I will review the same too later. I really loved the design of the speaker and shared some photos on my Instagram channel too. 
Samsung Studio #GalaxyS10Studio #GalaxyS10 @GatewayUmhlanga @SandtonCity @Canal_walk @TheMallOfAfrica
Aashish Rai Jain with Samsung Uflex Earphones 
This year Samsung's New brand ambassador Cassper Nyovest also performed on one of the days in Sandton City Mall. The activation in gaming has all the top gamers around the country working on all the 2 weekends full days at all the malls. I am sure activation this year is one of the biggest ever in the history of Samsung South Africa.  Heartiest Congratulations to the Samsung for spending so much for the benefit of end consumers like myself and others in this Rainbow Nation! 

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