Friday 29 March 2019

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2018 #TheLifesWay #1700thPost

Hi Friends,

March is a month where you will start to feel the excitement with MWC products starting to reach your respective countries and there will be local launch events happening. If you have good contacts and you are lucky then you will definitely have all the invites and you might be even flown to outside for the global launch events. I am still trying to be that lucky and I am now working towards making my presence felt in the international markets. I will be there by 2020! 

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2017 #TheLifesWay - This has been my favorite series of posts which really is my way to indulge in analysis and introspection of what I am doing in my life. It really gives me perspective but whether I follow the advice it gives me or not, it's my wish. I really love writing these series as these are my own memoirs of my experience with various brands and PR companies. 

2. Product Review - Nokia 8 #NokiaMobileZA #Nokia8 @HMDGlobal @NokiaMobile - Nokia launched its new smartphones last year and I got this lovely Nokia 8 which I rolled around the city and it took some amazing pictures and some special kind of selfie feature too. I have not heard from them after that in a year now and don't know how these devices are performing in the South African markets. 

3. Celebrating World Monopoly Day #19March @Hasbro #MonopolyTokenMadness - - Monopoly remains the most played and loved Boardgame around the world and I really like playing it with my family. 19th March passed this year while I was traveling around the Garden Route and completely missed the show. But wishing Hasbro and Monopoly a happy anniversary. Thanks!
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2018 #TheLifesWay #1700thPost
Aashish Rai Jain at the top of Light House in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
4. @SpotifySA Launched In #SouthAfrica #SpotifySouthAfrica #MusicStreaming #SpotifyPremium - - Spotify celebrated their first birthday in South Africa and still going strong. I was not part of the first year's celebration party but many heartiest congratulations to the brand. I did so many posts for them in the last year. Let's see what the future holds for me and the brand. 

5.  @InspectaCarSA Launched 4 New Dealerships in A Single Day #17March2018 #Tshwane - - Inspecta Car launched their new dealerships and asked some bloggers and celebrities to visit on a day trip to all of them. I was not able to join the same because of the birth of my second child but it was a nice outing for those who joined. Cars are something which is everyone's necessity and for some, it's pride too. Inspecta Cars takes care of both the requirements for people of all age groups. 

I have so many things to do in my life but I am not getting disciplined and not feeling powerful enough to even open my laptop in the evenings these few months. It's the lowest amount of screen time ever in my life in this first quarter of 2019. Earlier I was thinking Dell laptop (9 years old) as the main reason which is very slow but then I am not even opening my office Dell Laptop (4 years old) to write or share stuff. I think I need to focus on my health and keep my energy levels high with proper sleep and food habits. Let's see what Q2 of 2019 is in store for me! 

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