Tuesday 12 March 2019

M&M’s Introduces The New #Peanut & #Hazelnut Limited Edition #Chocolates #MMsDareToShare

Hi Friends, 

Good news for nut lovers. M&M’s® has introduced the M&M’s® Peanut and Hazelnut limited edition for the first time in South Africa, as of 04 March 2019. Talk about an elevated way for chocolate lovers to enjoy this treat! 
M&M’s Introduces The New #Peanut & #Hazelnut Limited Edition #Chocolates #MMsDareToShare
Whether you are a fan of peanuts, hazelnuts, or both, the delicious colorful buttoned-shaped peanut and hazelnut coated in milk chocolate variant will be on shelves at all major retail stores nationwide, while stocks last. 

Mars Confectionery Senior Brand Manager, Ashleigh Sanderson, says the peanut and hazelnut M&M’s® are available in 90g and 128g bags. “So, don’t miss out. Make your way to your favorite retailer and grab a distinctive green and yellow packet of M&M’s®. You won’t be disappointed.” 
M&M’s Introduces The New #Peanut & #Hazelnut Limited Edition #Chocolates #MMsDareToShare
Feel free to share these tasty M&M’s® with your friends. You will be glad you did. Though I was unable to do so as I loved them too much, maybe the new packets that I will buy, I will share with my family and friends! 

Brought to you by Mars Multisales Africa, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections. 
M&M’s Introduces The New #Peanut & #Hazelnut Limited Edition #Chocolates #MMsDareToShare
For more information on the latest addition, visit the M&M’s® South Africa on Facebook and mms_southafrica on Instagram. Check them out and buy some of the packets for family and friends!

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