Saturday 9 March 2019

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2018 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

February is the month of various celebrations as I got married long ago in this month, along with the month of valentine's day. I have been working hard and foolishly promoting a lot of brands and companies thinking that they will respect me and will want to work for me. But this thinking has really made my life miserable and dependent on others rather than myself taking charge and things in my hands. I was so sentimental about the same and now I am not doing it, I am feeling little lost on the number of posts and tweets but at least I am happy that I have plenty of time for myself and family.

1. Introducing 5 New Nokia Phones @NokiaMobile #HMD2018 #MWC18 #AndroidOne - Nokia launched their new smartphones to come back in the market but I am now aware how they are doing after a year of their product launch. I can see they are coming back to Pureview cameras with 48MP capabilities and in India, Alia Bhatt is their brand ambassador. I was not invited to the launch last year too and now also, I don't know whether these new phones will be launched here or not. 

2. Start With The End In Mind @SamsungSA #CustomerService #DigitalCommunication - Samsung has been the front runner in customer service and some of their products have reached Global No.1 status from time to time. I am a fan of their products and bought myself Samsung Note 8 (from Amazon India) and using the same here. It's more than a year now and I am still in love with my purchase. 
The concentration at its best - Aashish Rai Jain @AcerAfrica #PredatorThronos Gaming Chair
The concentration at its best - Aashish Rai Jain @AcerAfrica #PredatorThronos Gaming Chair
3. @AcerAfrica Introduces The Synergy Partner Portal #AcerSynergy - Acer Africa keeps on going and doing what they do best and that is to bring out some of the gaming and other products which will take your breath away. I recently went and checked out the Thronos Gaming Chair and fell in love with the same immediately. I also loved their accessories and some of the other Predator gaming range of products. Now I have their Tshirt and cap which I got as a goodies bag to attend Thronos Gaming Chair launch. 

4. New #ScoreZero Packs A #SugarFree Explosion of Power and Flavour @DrinkScore - This is one of the PR company who keeps sending me some of the drinks from time to time and I totally love to receive them. I love energy drinks especially Red Bull but this one is also comparable to the same. This one too comes in different tastes and CAN size and is easily available in the market. Let's see if they are able to beat the competition or not but I wish them all the very best. 

5. 16 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Dreams - My story towards the 5th anniversary continued in Feb 2018 too as I took a lot of time to write the whole stuff. This year I did complete 6 Years on 27 Dec 2018 and finally, I made my rate card which I religiously sent to all the PR companies. Whether they will come back to me or not that's their choice and wish, but I am not going to do any free stuff anymore unless I want to. I don't need any pen drives and I don't eat any food at any of the launch events so I will do what I am paid to do! I don't want to waste mines and another person's time. 

Let's see what March has in store for me but overall Feb 2019 has been a great month for me from many perspectives. 

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