Saturday 29 March 2014

Twitter Goodies - Fox Star Movies SA - NuMetro Tickets

Hi Guys,

Movies are an integral part of our living. We can live without them also but they bring in a lot of fun, laughter, music, romance, love, thoughts, feelings & emotions in our lives. I am a fan of movies and there was a time when I used to maintain an excel containing how many movies I have watched in a week, month, quarter and year. I used to set my targets to watch this number of movies this year etc etc. Crazy I am for music and movies.
Fox Star Movies loves my passion for the movies and I have been a fan of their stuff since the beginnings. I have won their several contests in India via their Twitter handle @foxstarIndia . I tried my luck by following them here in South Africa @foxfilmsZA and after some weeks I won their Mr. Peabody & Sherman Contest. I received a couple tickets vouchers to watch whichever movie in 2D, whatever time, whichever date till 1 May 2014. It was a great prize as it gives me the flexibility to watch my favourite movie at NuMetro Cinemas here in Johannesburg.

Thanks a lot, @FoxFilmsZA for this awesome prize. Looking forward to win a lot of them in future.

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