Saturday 1 March 2014

Valentine's date with New Balance @BallzRadio

Hi Guys,
It was a valentine's week and I was missing my wife a lot. There has been nothing I was doing other than work and I was feeling very bored. The valentine's day fell on Friday and my office celebrated the achiever's day where many a people got certificate for the job well done. We didn't got the same so it was demotivating to an extent but they covered it with a cup cake which were delicious.

I reached home around five and went on to drink a cup of tea. I checked my twitter and saw people posting snaps of reaching the venue and showcasing their new NEW BALANCE 980 FRESH FOAM shoes. I too tweeted many a times asking about the venue earlier but didn't got any response and that day admin was working a lot so I got a response at 535pm after the event got started at 5pm. I asked them if I can come and they said yeah. I searched the place and it was very near to my home. I went there and lost way as it was not the place I knew so asked someone in Woodmeads mall security which guided me to the right location. I entered the @BallzRadio office premises and parked my car. They said that the last group left just now and I need to catch up with them. I immediately ran after them and what a run!

 Oracle was not the sponsor :-P

It was a lot of fun and the @UrbanFitSA team really made it more awesome with their exercises and humour. We need to keep tweeting and as you all know I have done bachelors in tweeting business so I kept myself on it. I was doing some exercises on my way catching up the enthusiastic people but they were awesomely fast and fit. 
Aquavita was our mineral water drinking partner for the run.

It was time to salute all those who came all the way on this day of Valentine’s for making them bathe in sweat and sand. To my surprise, I was the winner of the tweeter contest and got my brand new NBshoes of my size. John Walland was the chief guest of the fun run and he presented all the people with awesome goodies. It was another story that everyone else got it too and they got @BallzRadio goodies on top of it which I missed somehow being a first prize winner. 

This is Mr. John Walland
My new New Balance Fresh Foam 980 shoes

After the meet admin of Twitter handle of the brand came to me and congratulated me on my win and said she wanted me to win with my hilarious and witty tweets. I realized that this was my first ever run after I started working in an IT company. Though I considered myself fully fit but regular run really makes you active and brimming with energy to take on office work with ease. I really thank New Balance and Ballz Radio for the FRESH FOAM 980 running shoes. The target that day I had in my mind was to run 5kms for a weekend racing event with my employer and later on that in another blog post.


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