Saturday 29 March 2014

Product Review – Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive – 3 TB @Seagate

Hi People, 

I have been always a data cruncher which means no matter what’s the source, I want all the data downloaded on my laptop. Due to this tendency, I have always been short of hard disk space. As in South Africa, Internet usage is the most expensive thing to do and you will be sharing the movies/music or other important data only using your portable HDD's or ever-increasing capacities of pen drives. 

My journey with portable hard disks started when my brother gifted me his 40GB HDD from his Sony Playstation 3 and replaced the PS3 with 200 GB one way back in 2009. It was good to have and really sorted out my need at that point in time but as HD data started to come into the market, so was the need to store the same. 
I bought a Transcend 640 GB HDD on my birthday from Nehru Place, New Delhi, India and took the same to London. It was working fine but one day when I was copying some 100GB of songs from a friends laptop, it got corrupted and since then it's not been working. I have contacted customer care but all they say is that your cable is not right whereas I am using the supplied cable. Pathetic! Never ever I thought I will buy Transcend ever again. 
I was in London and Curry's offered a deal on Western Digital Elements portable 1 TB HDD and I bought it in 2010. I do think about it as it was more of an American brand which was not much popular in India and the UK. But nevertheless, I bought it and made my friends bought the same also. I blogged about the same here and it's one of my top posts. It's working perfectly well and in full capacity but then I wanted more data to be stored. The more you capture photographs or video's, the more you require disk space in your laptop or HDD. All my multimedia devices were full and took a long time to start also. 
Hence the decision to buy Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive with 3 TB HDD capacity so that I can just dump everything in one corner of my room and if required can refer back to the same. 
It's an awesome and beautiful device which offers 2.72 TB of space to users. The transfer speed is based on USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 connections. It took some time to transfer data but all my devices are able to breathe freely now with much more memory available for Operating systems to do their cleaning and regular stuff. 
I got this one from an electronics store - DION WIRED which offered the same on sale at R1400 from its regular price of R1900. It was much cheaper here as compared to the Indian market and my friend immediately wanted one for his Nikon D600 photography and his trip to GIR National Park where he captured 72GB of images in a span of 2-3 days. His camera is featured on my blog here

The online reviews for this HDD are not so great but I need to try it further to believe in them. Till that time, I am taking it ahead with my gut feeling and copying all my personal stuff etc in the same. I hope Seagate has not lost out on customer grievances as Transcend and will fully replace my device in case something crashes, unlike Transcend where that 640GB HDD is kissing the dust in my store at Gurgaon. 

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