Sunday 16 March 2014

Indiblogger & British Airways - Go Further to Get Closer #MrAndMrs Contest

How far would you go to get closer to someone you love? 

We all do like to spend some quality time with the people we love, it can be parents, in laws, wife, son/daughter, brother, sister, cousin, relatives or friends. We all try to go as further as our pockets and time allows us to be with them. I have a small story which I would like to share where I think I went a lot further to get close to my wife and daughter. My wife used to work in Mumbai whereas I was in Delhi after our marriage. She took some 3 months leave to come to Delhi and look out for job. She tried a lot but when the time was over, her company retrenched her without any notice. She fought hard for a good job in her life and did got but now it was no more. She came back to Delhi and she tried a lot but she got no job in the area of specialization she wanted. Meanwhile, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter and it was already some 14 months that she was without the job. We tried a lot for her job and even used the services of job websites but of no use. She got a job in Mumbai once again which was a contract but the difficulty lied in the small daughter which was just 4 months old at that time. We fought a lot over going and not going as our daughter is small and she will get a job in Delhi. Meanwhile, with a new year, we tried a lot and it was the time, when I used to sit outside with our 6 months old daughter in the car, while she is being interviewed. My parents and her parents were out-stationed and could not come to help us too. She was interviewed by many companies in her job profile and as locations was far so I used to take both of them with me. It used to be a great experience as my daughter wanted to be with her mother always. Finally, there was that day when I knew that she will crack the job interview this time and we were sitting in the car for three days while she was offered the job. It was a great day because it took her more than 20 months to get the same kind of job she was looking for and all because I was not able to move to Mumbai myself.

Her very first day at job, it was my day to take care of our 8 months old daughter and I took a leave to take care of her. It was the day when I realized that it’s so difficult to raise a kid without mother being present. She will be gone the whole day and I tried to feed her on her mom’s advice, played with her but that day I was not able to brush my teeth. She didn’t allowed me to move anywhere as she thought as I will also be gone as she couldn’t find her mom too. Considering my situation, my mother in law came and supported us for some days. But it was difficult for her too and I got an onsite offer around the same time. This was required to be grabbed as we both had to pay for our educational loans. This created to a lot of confusion in our lives and with small daughter it brought a lot of stress as to where to keep her. We tried keeping her with a maid but it made her a little slow and tired. With me gone to London, she was taken care by the maid only but then something happened and the maid left. My daughter had to go to her maternal grandparents but they could only take care of her for about a month or so. It was the time when my mother took hold of my daughter and she was facing all the change of places. She was getting good care but then suddenly my mother met with an accident and her right hand was fractured. Again, it was a great problem for the family, so my daughter was shifted to my chacha ji home where my cousins took great care of her. My mother didn’t want her to go anywhere else, as she made a lot of friends there and she was happy with them. It was quiet a stressful time and I could not take my wife as I didn’t had the marriage certificate. My wife used to travel 300 kms every weekend to meet our daughter. It used to disturb my daughter’s frame of mind as she would miss her after she is gone every Sunday night. It was also not that safe to travel alone 300 kms every Friday and Sunday nights and too tiring.

I came back from London after a span of 7 months with a lot of toys, sweets and chocolates but she was afraid to come to me. Though she recognized me but it was after sometime she came to me. My brother and his wife too came from USA around the same time. She was very happy to see us all. I drove the marriage certificate thing as my wife’s mom was busy in something and couldn’t travel. It was becoming difficult but finally with a lot of persuasion we got our marriage certificate formalities completed. When I talked to my company about their VISA processing they said that there is no budget as it’s March end. We will approve your request on 1 April. They did approve the request over email on 1 April but I could not raise the request in our system as the cost centres for the old year got expired and the new ones was not made till the 15th May. Again a lot of trouble and when I raised the request they got their visa’s processed after a lot of documentation went through me from London. It was around the time to travel, my project said that they are releasing me and all the hopes again diminished to show them the city of London. My boss wanted me to go back to India and I requested to stay may be in another project and they found out another project for me. But again, the travel request was not approved and the system wanted to know whether I will be in London for another six months or not? Somehow after a lot of drama, my super boss approved their travel and they finally came to see me in London. 

It was a great pleasure to see both of them again after a gap of 4 months. It was a great beginning of good times and we saw the great city of London, Bath, Stonehenge, Isle of Skye together. My daughter started speaking there only but also got addicted to a lot of milk there. They stayed there for 23 days and it was the best time of my life. I celebrated my birthday during that time. I soon came back as I could not find other goal for myself to achieve after everything was sorted out in my life. I went back in another 2 months time to stay with my family and my daughter was admitted to play way school and I used to pick her after the office. It was a great time that I spend with here while travelling back to home and thereafter.

Once again I am in South Africa and she is in India and I do miss them a lot…

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British Airways reduced the distance between families via their services and I am too looking forward to dividing the distances between me and my family.