Saturday 26 October 2013

An Android App a day - 28. SwiftKey Keyboard

Hi Guys,

It's been long that I wrote about the Android Apps as I was busy attending many product launches. I was introduced to this app by a friend and using the trail version just for two three days made me fall in love with this amazing keyboard app for my HTC One. I was missing Swype earlier after it's trial version expired but now this app really made me invest some money in purchasing the full version of the app. I got this app for Rs. 99 and loving all the features of this intuitive app. 

The best thing I like about this app was the colors when you flow your fingers across your tablet or smartphone screen. Hues of purple always motivates me to flow more and more.

Secondly, SwiftKey predicts the next word automatically based on the first word I have written. Happy birthday messages are so easy to type now. All the hashtags on twitter comes easy now based on the earlier tweets you have done for the brand. I am really amazed at this feature which made my buying this app immediately.

More information about the developers and app can be checked at -

Thanks Guys for making this great app. 

App rating - 4.5/5


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