Thursday 10 October 2013

An Android App a day - 24. Candy Crush Saga

Hi Guys,

We all have played these color matching kind of games, where you match three of the same kind and it goes. If you four of them at one go, you get some extra power thing. And if you could do 5 or 6 in one go, then you are given very great power to demolish the whole pattern.

All my life I have been playing these kind of games and never ever I felt great about them until I came across Candy Crush Saga. This is one of the most difficult game with most amazing graphics. The theme built up in the game is also great as you move to different campaigns. 

The game is difficult because there is no way you can bypass a level unless you got some extra powers bought up or earned during the play of the game. I am stuck at some level bypassing which is going to take me ages. 

The game is available for free on Android at -

App Rating - 4/5

Do check this one. It's simply amazing.

Thanks to for making this game.