Wednesday 29 May 2013

Virtual Escape Into Freshness - An Indiblogger Meet

Hi Guys,

Indiblogger planned another meet on the occasion of Renie's birthday in the city where he can enjoy the same with all his blogging community and friends. This time the sponsor was AmbiPur Mini Vent Clip and turn smelly air into smiley air and join the “Smelly to Smiley” movement! Febreze CAR is the first car product to use Febreze Odor Elimination technology to eliminate odors and leave nothing behind but freshness.

I was not in Chennai and neither registered for the event as I stay in Gurgaon but I wanted to join the event somehow and social networking channel Twitter fulfilled my wish of being there in the meet. The tweets started flowing on the hashtag defined for the event by AmbiPur

I started following the tweets based on the hashtag, the Ambipur & Indiblogger twitter handles. It really kept me live in the meet with all the fellow blogger tweeting so as to win Samsung S4 and other goodies.

The Admin of AmbiPur was really active and responded to my tweets also, so the interaction was really great on this virtual meet for me.

Here are some of the tweets I sent - First of all birthday wishes -
many many happy returns of the day! Enjoy your day!

my fav road trip was 2500 kms of Drive from london to lake district, highlands, inverness, Edinburgh! Wow

Based on this snap, my reply was -  

Nice looks great context for the meet RT : The meet set up looks like this.

Just like the Microsoft meet, this time also a choosing of number games was also played at this Chennai meet and people won various prizes along with a Rock. 

The other game that was played was - 

Game of tables seems great! Do all on table get Goodies? RT : Wait, you couldn't make it to the event?

I asked them if all on the table wins to which they replied - 

if you win, yes :D

Other tweets - 

So much wanted to come to chennai gor this event from gurgaon RT : Our centurions at the meet. 200 bloggers

Oh great! I am on a virtual table of twitter just like aroma of ambipur fragnances! RT if you win, yes :D

really ambipur fragrances made my 4 years old car free of bad smell & awesome freshness for a great drive!

The admin of AmbiPur asked me to try the new Mini Vent Clip and try for myself to which  I replied- 

I hope to get one from you guys soon! else I will be happy to buy once my stock of 3 new ambipur ends!

During the presentation round by AmbiPur technology behind keeping the car fresh, the various challenges were posted like - 

yes, smell of socks n farts are the biggest challenges ambipur faces each day!

what a day for Chennai! One Indiblogger meet, one bday to celebrate, one MATCH to see, one CUP to lift!

I m virtually enjoying the meet through tweets n pics from fellow bloggers! :-)

just saw a slide of technology behind freshness of Ambipur! Awesome is the word!

tweeples & indibloggers of Chennai will definitely win goodies on my behalf from

if you are fresh, you feel happy automatically! Ambipur brings in freshness in difficult situations also!
There were some skits that were prepared impromptu by the teams then and there and I really missed this one because all the tweeple bloggers were engrossed in the act so no tweets flowed.
prizes makes me happy and keeps me fresh but so far on the other side of the country, i can only wish! ;-)

I think I crashgated meet in Chennai through my tweetroid tsunami! Enjoy the fun! ;-)

What's your favorite road trip? Tell us using & you could win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

my fav road trip was 2500 kms of Drive from london to lake district, highlands, inverness, Edinburgh! Wow!

a bike trip from Haridwar to rishikesh with my fiancée! Awesome drive & evening to remember!

road trip from London to Wales! Awesomeness at it's best!

Finally back to business -

finally getting back to home and glued to IPL FINALS between CSK & MI!

thanks a lot guys! Enjoyed the meet via twitter from Gurgaon! Thanks to all bloggers! :-)

I hope that you guys got the feel of the event but I really enjoyed the event on twitter very much. 

Thanks a lot!