Friday 3 May 2013

Wimbledon, United Kingdom - On a walk

Hi Guys,

Here is another walking trip to the All England's Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon Village from the nearest Tube station. This is a trip during a non-event day and will post the event day pics in my next blog post.

This is the Borough of the Wimbledon

This is the map of the Wimbledon Park featuring some tennis courts, a small golf court, good lawns, a lake etc. It was the longest walk ever across any park. The other longest walk can be of Hyde Park in Central London.

These are the tennis courts I am talking about. Yes, it indeed is the budding ground to motivate locals to perform well against USA players.

This is the walk that I am talking about. This is one of the best entries in any park and really makes you walk the park again and again. You feel that you are walking the aisle of your marriage steps.

 This is the lake on one side of the Wimbledon Park.

This is the Golf Course just opposite the All England's Tennis Courts.

 This is the first look of the stadium.

 This is what it!
 The names of all participating tennis stars with results are displayed for the last year's event.
The famous Rolex watch to keep the timing at Centre Court and other courts too at Wimbeldon.

 This is Sir John "Fred" Perry - he won the Wimbledon Championship for UK.

 The world famous symbol of Wimbledon. It is shown repeatedly on TV during the event if you have seen some matches.
 This is the last tube station on that particular line.
This is the shopping complex and is names after CentreCourt as in Wimbledon Club. It features a lot of branded shops and also has a good food court featuring Pizza Hut etc.

Thanks Guys, I hope you have liked the view at Wimbledon.

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