Sunday 5 May 2013

Tantra by Adi - Book Review

Hi Guys,

This is my second book review for Blogadda and this time it was a difficult read for me as I was busy with a lot of household works. Also, I was not a Vampire on a hunting mission. Coming directly on the book, this one is published by Apeejay Stya Publishing, New Delhi and MRP at Rs. 195/- only. The cover of the book is really beautiful and shows a girl with two blood stained knives with in a full moon night and someone overlooking what she is doing through clouds. Overall the covers really helps you pick this one weekend read. This one will really suits you if you are so much into mystical vampire world. This book is a great channel between reality, spirituality and twilight zones. The central character Anu Aggarwal comes to Delhi from New york with previous memories that keep haunting her until she finds the purpose greater than her own loss of beloved lover. 

The story unravels itself chapter by chapter with new characters introductions. She is faced with different challenges to understand the culture we live in Delhi. She also understoods the night culture followed by the Vampire world. Mysteries are unfolded slowly and at the right pace. A strong emotional connections is felt between the characters mainly Anu and her aunt in Delhi, Anu and Gaurav, Anu and Mr Sharma etc. Anu falls in love with Gaurav and overcomes the lost Brian from New York. How brian dies and what happened to him remains a mystery till the end of the novel.
Senaka seems to be a great villain and really keeps everyone on their feets throughout his introductions and afterwards. He is the constant source of mystery and drama for this novel. Anu learns dekhan dekhi culture so closely followed by Indian Society and the preparation associated with the same also. She does learn a lot from that event which takes more than 2 chapters and covers the same vividly. 

What I could learn from the novel is the meditational practices to master something in life is repetition with pure heart. She does learns the lost secret powers of astras so big for her only through repetitions and chanting. We too can become big if we chant whomsoever we feel like praying or loving. It can be money, health, wealth, studies etc. There are connection of threads in this world shown which seems to be strong and real. I really fell in love with the threads. The writer has beautifully packaged a story inside a religious belief system and introduction of chanting to those who doesn’t read these big religious books on meditations etc. He does arouse my interest in the subject and I loved that I don’t need to read anything else than this story of Anu finding her way in this spiritual world with the help of a right mentor. In my case the mentor will be the book Tantra and Adi. I would give 4 stars out of 5 for the novel. This is a kind of spiritual book covered in a vampire world and will not be favourite for everyone. I too struggled hard to complete this one but then I touched some threads which helped me going till the end of the book. Thanks Adi.

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