Friday 24 May 2013

WeChat with the people I admire - New way to Connect

 Life will never give you another chance if you had lost the opportunity to talk to someone with whom you wanted to. Communication is the only way which differentiates us from animals and we have unlimited number of languages and signs which helps us express ourselves to others. I still remember the movie Lost in Translation where two strangers meet in a country where they have no other understanding their languages and how they become friends and pass time in that unforeseen circumstances. Now with the advancement of technology and internet on the move with latest smartphones featuring instant messaging services, you are always connected to your own group of people and can share photographs, voice messages at very minimal cost of 2G/3G/4G connection.

WeChat is one of those advancements that has happened in APP industry which is available across all smartphone operating systems be it Android, BB, iOS, Symbian etc.

Thinking about using the features of WeChat and communicating with someone I always wanted to and what questions I have for them, here is the list of 5 people with whom I will stay connected. 

1. Steve Jobs – The founder of Apple Inc. The company behind iPOD, iPAD, iPhone, iMac, iTunes and various other inventions of our times which really changed our life for the better. The person behind the one of the greatest motivational speeches at Stanford University – Stay hungry, Stay Foolish. I am totally in love with the idea of talking to him through WeChat. I would love to ask him what made him continue after he was thrown out of Apple and what kind of motivation factors kept him going? We have often seen ourselves falling into dead trap after we lost something we wanted to have, so how you come out of that sinking feeling to create something amazing like Pixar and NeXT?
2.        Princess Diana – She is the one who has rose to fame with her charismatic personality and high-profile charity work. She was one of the most photographed women of her times and that eventually led to her death as paparazzi rushing to take her snaps on that uneventful night when her car crashed in the Paris tunnel. There are several theories behind her death and I would love to know the truth of her death. Also, I would ask her what has kept her focused on her humanitarian efforts in spite of a lot of controversies and every other person writing a biography of her linking her to security guards and other peoples? As a mother also, how she would explain the controversies if in any case they ask their mothers about the same?

3.        Satyajit Ray – The ace writer, director, filmmaker, calligrapher – what he has done in his 70 years in India is amazingly great and exceptional. I was reading the stories of Feluda by Penguin books, it's kind of detective stories written by him and was really glued to his writings. I have yet to watch all his classics but to win an Oscar has been a dream for many Indians and he has achieved the same too. What I can say is that he must really be a genius and so I will ask him what qualities he found are really required to be successful in the field of our choice? Secondly, what kept him moving forward experimenting with everything in every area and coming out as a winner in all those fields?

4.        Spiderman – No need to explain as to who he is? Going by this saying that “with great power comes great responsibility”, I would like to ask him is he afraid to express his love? I can see that all the super heroes are either alone and have their parents & family members dead (Superman, Harry Potter, Batman etc). But that doesn't mean that they can't protect them considering they can protect the whole city when some alien forces attacks the city? Are they not courageous enough or they are childlike in case they lose any of their family members and will leave all their powers behind and starting to cry? What is the logic behind not marrying or not having a family of their own considering many of the girls going gaga over their powers and ready to marry them instantly? Yes, I do understand it won't look good seeing a spiderman picking veggies and groceries walking behind his wife to a car. :-) Also, listening to nagging and cribbing of wife will really make him more of a common man rather than a Spiderman.

5.        Roger Federer – Why? Because even God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar loves him watching play at the Wimbledon and wherever he is playing in the finals and that happens too often. Roger Federer is a force which everyone reckons as the greatest tennis player of all times. He is the FedEX where he packs up the other players and sends them home as soon as they show lack of motivation to win. I have seen several matches where the play has been extended to limits beyond a body can hold itself and still coming out as winner, there must be some assertiveness or quote that keeps you going? Secondly, how does a winner takes a loss in the series which will define his career? How different is the training program he has undergone to what our Indian budding players undergoes through? What can we do more in India so that our players also reaches Men's or Women's final matches? It's my dream to meet Roger Federer and to get the cap he endorses with his logo of Rf on it.
It's the only chance that I have in my life to meet the legends and WeChat has allowed my to express my feeling through this thoughtful concept of writing about the people we love. WeChat really is a new way to connect. 
More details can be checked at  WeChat's Youtube channel

Thanks All!