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Thursday, 10 October 2013 - Light up a child's Diwali

Hi Guys, has launched a great program to light up a Diwali for underprivileged children. Anyone using the website can donate books for this great cause. A book can definitely light the world using it's knowledge and the fun it gives to readers. Children are often attached to books and wants them too to own.We have been brought up greatly by our parents but those kids who doesn't even know who their parents are, it will be a great dream to even own a single book. 

I have done small contribution by gifting 6 books to Pratham‎ NGO via I hope that they make full use of the same. I will contribute more towards the same till wishlist is complete or rather ask everyone to that is why this blog post. Kindly take this opportunity to make a dream of having a book for a kid become true just as you cherish your dreams to get fulfilled this festive season.

Other NGO is Naandi‎ and they too have a huge wishlist of books to be gifted for these kids. 

Please contribute via this page  - Light up a child's Diwali as per your wish and whatever book you feel right. The quantities required is already mentioned when you see the wishlist and many a people have came forward to celebrate this Diwali with these children.

Reducing your firecrackers budget and gifting a book is a great theme that you can follow this Diwali. 



  1. A noble deed thi Diwali..thanx for sharing

  2. May this Diwali give you all that you want, it is so nice to see the care that you have for these kids. Practice before you preach and that's exactly what you have done. Will surely follow suit.

  3. Thanks! I am sure that this will bring a lot of smiles on everyone's face. Looking forward to gift some books to Naandi foundation too! Cheers!!!

  4. Yup! It is! blog about it...share this post! I hope the kids gets their mentioned number of books asap! Cheers!!!

  5. My first gift set of 6 books reached the PRATHAM Delhi address today! I hope it reaches kids soon!


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