Tuesday 29 November 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 40 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 40 - Sat 01 Oct 2022 - Fri 07 Oct 2022

October 2022 started with a great trip to Hermanus and it was a relaxing and energetic trip to the small city with all kinds of modern facilities as most European tourists make their way to the same. It is one of the cities where I just got to drive less than 50 kilometres to see tourist sites which made a difference really though I travelled far to Cape Agulhas which I missed in my Garden Route trip due to wrong directions and time not on our side as we had to reach Pearly Beach for overnight stay. 

1. Walking - I only did 9.83 kilometres during the course of this week. Thursday morning the road trip to Hermanus started as well. During the trip to Hermanus, I ate something like some Indian chips that were made from Jackfruit but in some kind of oil which really took my throat into a vial fever state. Despite drinking warm water or rather hot water later, I could not control it and had to go down the fever route. 

2. Thank You - From 24000 onwards it reach 35000 before the counter again turned to zero. This is going to be the last week of using the counter. Will restart the activity in a new form in the new year. I will definitely recommend you to do this task or fun activity as it will being a lot of good in your life in terms of whatever you desire. I have got many good gifts that I always wanted in my life due to this Thank You Arigato In Arigato Out technique by Ken Honda. 

New Year Resolutions - Week 40 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

3. Travel to Hermanus - Driving for around 1425 kilometres needs a lot of planning and resting stops need to be minimized as well. I loved the city of Hermanus when we saw it for an hour or so during our trip from Pearly Beach to Cape Town. That's when I planned to visit the same once again and this time I spent many nights in Hermanus. My Honda Civic 1.8 Elegance car reached there without any problems whatsoever. 

4. Contest Win - I won a contest from Incredible Connection for Jabra Earphones that I received when I was outstation. The same will be unboxed in some days on my YouTube channel. I am not able to find out what I wrote on the Facebook page but the day I wrote those words was early in the morning as I was sitting in my mom-dad room and it was a father's day contest. My parents were here in South Africa when I wrote this one and totally found out that this is one of the best words I can write on that day. Thanks!

5. Interviews - I did some interviews with the executives of Vivo Mobile South Africa which you can watch on my YouTube channel to learn more about the latest Vivo V25 series of smartphones. Vivo Smartphones have great cameras and check the executives if you want to visit Qatar 2022 World Cup courtesy of Vivo Mobile South Africa. 

Week 40 has been a great one for sure and I totally loved the road trip to Hermanus. Hermanus is a must-visit town or city as it gives the feeling of being in a European city but with the beautiful weather of South Africa. Most of the tourists that visit this town are European and the place is always booked. Also, whale watching is one of the best time pass activities you can enjoy and they also respond to you by coming very near the shore. Also, there is a 10-12 km long walk along the sea and I am sure by walking on the route you will see much more whales as compared to when you are on the ship inside the ocean to see it from a few meters away. 

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